The state of Uttarakhand is completely dotted with the temples of various Gods and Goddesses, representing the abiding faith of the people not only belonging to this region but across the world have in them, the reverence with which they look up to them, and the obeisance they pay in the temples constructed in their names.

There are temples of representing “divine knowledge”, Durga, the (fire) form of lord Shiva, goddess par excellence, Chandika, representing kali in her most terrible forms has nine temples in Garhwal and two in Kumaon, Sitala, the goddess of small pox has temples dedicated to her in Almora, Srinagar, Jageshwer and other places.

Among the female forms bearing local names Hariyali Devi, Chandrabadni, Surkanda, Kunjapuri and Syahi Devi are most prominent. The forms of Shaktis of the deity are known collectively as Matris have a temple dedicated to them at Badrinath.

Neither here nor in any other part of upper India is the separate worship of the Vashnavi Shakti in common practice. Lakshmi has a separate temple at Badrinath, but as a rule, is worshipped with Vishnu. There are temples dedicated to Sita Bhagwati, Gauri and Syahi Devi among others.

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