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Water crisis in Uttarakhand

Posted by kamal2k7 on 09-Oct-2007 at 10:30:39


This is surprising that while Uttarakhand serves the water needs of other states, our own people are facing water crisis in uttarakhand

Thati, Uttarakhand, 6 Oct 2007

According to reports, most streams have dried up and reservoirs have run out of water. To add to their woes, the availability of clean water is a common problem.

“The water here is very dirty. Both people and animals wash, clean and bath here. We drink the same water,” said Sita Parmar, a resident of Thati village.

Residents claimed the problem had been with them for more than a decade.

Three rivers - Ganges, Mahakali and Alaknanda - flow through Uttarakhand, formerly called Uttaranchal.

These rivers meet the water requirements of neighbouring states. But ironically, the people here have to trudge for miles to fetch a pot of drinking water.

The State Government claims to have drawn up several schemes for supplying water to villages, but most of them remains on paper.

“The water in these villages is polluted. But as per the guidelines of the Government of India, we are supposed to prioritise things. First of all, we cater to the villages that have no water supply, then those that have partial water supply and then come these villages that have polluted water,” said R. Meenakshi Sundaram, district magistrate, Uttarakhand.

The region is also prone to natural calamities.

Experts, however, believe that the water crisis has largely been caused by the mismanagement of the existing water resources.

Out of the 13 districts in Uttaranchal, 11 districts do not have enough drinking water. Some of the water projects developed to cater to the needs of the districts, are more than 15 years old and do not cover all villages.

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Posted by amit.jakhmola on 04-Aug-2008 at 02:30:33


water crisis in uttarakhand because of unawareness & lack of knowlage among the people. IN uttranchal rain fall is at good leval & we have good natural water fall but the problam is that people donot know how to conserve water for future need.

second ,thing is that the goverment donot run any program to educate people about water conservation.To safe any thing we have to work from root lavel which is missing . we have to work on primary problam which is causes water crisis. If our state supplywater to other state than goverment have to see that how much quantity of water is supply to other state so that our problam of water is slove to some extend.

Last thing is that people of our state donot wait for goverment to do some thing for them, they take there own step to conservation of water & for this educated people comeoutside & take the responsibility.

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