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My Dream Uttarakhand

Posted by rpandey87 on 04-Feb-2008 at 06:59:20


Dear Friends,

It needs a lot of debate on, what would be the future of Uttarakhand, People of Uttarakhand made a great sacrifice & it had been a great struggle. We struggle for a new state in a hope of overall development, really is it happened? Or what extent we are able to take it?

We are still fighting with high rate of unemployment, economical backwardness, health services, Education & road transport. For employment most of our people still have to depend upon defense services or education service (i.e. teaching etc.). I am proud to say that they take that responsibility with high level of honesty & efficiency. In fact every pahari should proud for them! But what happen if they did not get that job. (Some exemption can be there) They either move to metros or indulge in various bad activities, like drinking, smoking Ganja, honestly they ruin there & their family life.

I can say that for an average level of health service or hospital we have to go 50 miles or even more, a qualified doctor is only available in district. If some one got injured of got ill he/she will have to wait for an overnight or for a whole day to reach these hospitals. I can remember that in my childhood, people use to come to the nearby roads to get the bus for so called hospitals carrying serious patient. Some time itís very scary to see the sick person.

Transportation is till a nightmare for an average Pahari, He or she has to travel miles in night at three or four to take the bus or taxi.

Education is still not up to that standard the student coming out from government schools are far behind of there urban counterpart. Even the Basic English language is still a nightmare for them. For higher schooling one have to go out of his house, he/she has to stay in cities away from there family.

In conclusion we are really far behind from the rest of the country; in the internet age lot of people in the far villages still have to depend on the radio for basic information. We really need a lot of debate with a lot of work. We can take the following example of Himachal Pradesh.

It is one of the classic examples of rapid transformation from the worst form of feudalism to democracy and from the most backward part of the country to one of its most advanced states. Himachal Pradesh, now ranks fourth in respect of per capita income among the states of the Indian Union. In agriculture it is almost reached at sufficient level, the roads are best as in hill.

Is that really what we deserve for? I think no, we are the most hard worker in the world, then what & where is the problem.

My friends I invite your opinion & suggestion on the above, what we can & our government can do.

Thanks hoping for the best.

Rajesh Pandey


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Posted by bhupendrakunwar on 06-Feb-2008 at 07:49:58


I agree that things NEED to CHANGE and the waves of development be flown towards the remote towns and villages where the real Uttarakhand dwells.

At the same time, we have to acknowledge that in the past 7 years things HAVE CHANGED. Though the benefit of development had been availed by a limited cities where the govt has initiated the industrial development. Cities like Rudrapur, Haridwar, Haldwani and Dehradun have seen a phenomenal growth leading a way to industrial development in Uttarakhand. Efforts have been made to promote Tourism in Uttarakhand and significant growth in tourist inflow has been seen. Literacy rate is also much above the national average (however quality of education might not have improved significantly). Computer education is being provided in govt. schools too.

The real development of Uttarakhand would be possible only by uplifting the standard of life in the villages. the development policies centric to agriculture and village economy development would certainly boost.

Uttarakhand is still considered a YOUNG state and a recent report published in TOI has placed Uttarakhand quite ahead of the other new states instituted during the same time. We are witnessing some waves of development and have to keep the current flowing with much higher pace.

A huge part of the educated and skilled population has left the state for job or other reasons. The immediate need is to give back to the state. If you can't return back to the state, you can atleast make and contribute to the efforts so that others doesnt have to leave the devbhumi in search of job..
debate is long and never ending and ACTIONS have to be taken.

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Posted by navin_arya on 11-Feb-2008 at 22:23:33


Dear Members:

Thanks for writing these problems of pahari's.

My name is Navin Arya (Nandu), I am born in Ramna Goan, Chaukhutia, District Almora.

We have to initiate action by our own and remind time to time our Hon’ble Chief Minister, government and its affiliates that these things to be done and we have some views, ideas and master plan etc., we can provide the proper action plan, views and ideas to them. It is help them to work on it.

I have seen in the website that our peoples are working in foreign countries like USA, CANADA etc., they can better help us on preparing opinions etc. like this.

I have seen that our pahari’s working in every field and they can help to provide their views, plans etc. on their fields/experiences etc.

I have some views, the same are as follows:


We have to provide views, ideas and plans etc. for attracting investors into Uttarakhand and we have to market/advertise the name of places and about benefits of the investors on investing those particulars places. It is necessary to advertise to attract foreign or overseas investments.

Large amount of investment will provide large amount of employment and it will stop migrations of our peoples.


The most important thing is the Law & Order, if it works properly and genuinely than large amount of investors, tourists are being attracted.


To attract the investors and tourist we have to build tourist spots and related activities and the activities should be highlighted through media and IT etc.


Transportation should be must for attracting investors and tourists, it should be modernized.

The current transportation system is not sufficed for our peoples, how we can attract tourists.


The media is main roll in advertisement and all other development in the state. It should be must invested in the state with the promise that they will explore the Uttarakhand and lead main roll on its development. If our state will explore properly it will definitely develop.

Currently we have no TV channels in Kumaoni or Garwali language and no news channels are available in Uttarakhand. TV channels can do batter work to develop the state.


We have seen that the teachers of our schools are not proper trained and they do not have general knowledge, if internet available to them they can learn more things and they will be the best teachers and the students learn more things from them.


We found that today large amount of our people using mobile and telephone services and spending large amount on it.


If internet services will be available it will be used each and every person. It will increase general knowledge of our children and peoples and generate revenue to our government.

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