Office bearers hail move to postpone teachers’ transfer

Aug 20, 2012

The State Government’s decision to postpone teachers transfer till the next year has been welcomed by officer bearers of teachers’ unions. According to them, education officers would get enough time to address teachers concerns regarding identification of schools located in most accessible and inaccessible areas in the State.

Uttarakhand School Education Federation, State president PS Gusain said that he had repeatedly raised teachers concerns regarding fixing of ranking based on work experience in accessible and inaccessible areas before the Education Minister. Under Uttarakhand Transfer Policy-2011, teachers who had worked in inaccessible areas which are now accessible didn’t benefit.

“We welcome the postponing of transfers as teachers will be able to focus on half yearly examinations next month. The Government should draft a teachers’ transfer act in place of Uttarakhand Transfer Policy 2011 in the State,” he said.

Junior High School Teachers’ Union, general secretary SS Tomar welcomed the postponement of transfers but said that teachers who worked in inaccessible areas for more than 10 years should be transferred to accessible areas.

It should be mention here that the CM took this decision on Saturday in a meeting attended by Education Minister Mantri Prasad Naithani and officers. Rectified teachers’ transfer policy will be declared by October after which the transfer list will be released in January 2013. Presently, only those with extreme medical reasons will be transferred.

Src: Daily pioneer

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