Garhwal Women Launch Textile Brand

May 18, 2005

Dehradun , 19 May 2005

For the first time, Garhwal, an economic backwater in Uttaranchal, will step into the world of fashion and textile designing by launching its own new brand.

After a great deal of deliberation, local textile designers in Garhwal are shortly launching “Blue Burans”, a new brand for designing ethnic clothes and boost their sales around the country.

“Efforts are now in final stages to launch our brand Blue Burans,” said Sharad Sundriyal, the head of the Fashion and Textile Design Training Cum Production Centre, supported by the state government and the Centre.

The project is currently under progress in three districts of the Garhwal region–Pauri, Tehri and Uttarkashi–in which women, mostly with a poor background, take keen interest in the apparel industry.

Initiated in March last year, the main centre in Srinagar (Pauri) has already trained 600 women in designing and other garment skills. “Our aim is to utilise naturally available resources and material to make fabric. For example, bichchoo ghas (urtica parviflora) is being used to make scarves and ram bans (agave species) for making shoes,” Sundriyal said.

The training aspects included modules that are easily understood by the trainees, which eventually gave them handle for innovation, he said.

The centre is also holding exhibitions and display counters. It recently also bagged an order for designing and manufacturing 350 executive bags for the sericulture department of the state government.

“This is just a beginning. The order may be small. But the results are very encouraging,” he said.

The centre is also involving NGOs to bring more and more women into fashion designing.

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