New Garhwali Movie “Kismat Apni Apni” Released

Posted on: May 28th, 2005

New Delhi, 28 May 2005

Success in films, they say, is as much a result of hard work, technology and artistic inputs as of fate. Kismat Apni Apni, perhaps? Atlast that is the name chosen for the latest Garhwali film released in Delhi this Friday. Produced by Kailash Chand Dwivedi and directed by Ved Prakash Bhadola, the film stars Isha Rawat and Vijay Mehra.

“We have brought to light the problems of women of the hills. Also, you get to see the beauty of the mountain landscape,” says Dwivedi. “It is a family oriented film. No qualms about watching it with your children and elders.”

Garhwali filmmakers, like their counterparts from other regions, are often accused of making clones of the usual Bollywood fare without going into the atmosphere and culture of the hills, the circumstances that make living there unique. “You won’t find anything ‘Bambaiyya’ in our film,” promises Dwivedi, though the storyline does contain the quintessential ingredients: a heroine orphaned at birth, two brothers diametrically opposed in character, childhood sweethearts, a hero missing in action and, of course, a villain.

“In the music by Vinod Pandey we have tried some new arrangements,” he adds. This is Dwivedi’s second film. The first was Kutum, a video film directed by Nagendra Bisht. Both productions have been made under the banner of his NGO, Yugantar Jan Parish.

Usually produced on a shoestring budget, Garhwali films are known for extracting free or nearly unpaid work from all those involved. Not so for Kismat’s leading lady, Isha Rawat, who has appeared in the Garhwali films Jeetu Bagdwal and Auns ki Raat, besides modeling assignments and TV serials including Zee TV’s Saturday Suspense. “I get paid better than others,” she says with satisfaction. “I was born in Garhwal but brought up in Punjab, so I am very fascinated by Garhwali culture, my roots.”

The first feature film in Garhwali was called Jagwaal, which I means waiting. That was nearly two decades ago. All these years, some would say, the wait continues.

For an artistically satisfying, authentic Garhwali film. For one that reflects the ethos of this region of Uttaranchal. That is not to say that films have not I been made in Garhwali. But the I filmmakers are usually untrained in the art and science of the medium. One reasonably good film, the story goes, was Teri Saun, which was made in the free time, so to speak, of a camera team that had gone into the mountains to get filler shots for some other film. If that is the manner in which the more tolerable films are made, say artistes with an abiding love for the region, what can be said of the others? Perhaps it really is a question of fate.

News Source: The Hindu

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