Rivers in Uttarakhand

Uttarakhand is a state which is known for its hundreds of small and big rivers, the holy places, sacred temples, situated on the banks of the rivers. Some of these rivers have religious significance in India because of their relevance in Hindu mythology. The sources of these rivers are glaciers of the western Himalayas situated in India, Nepal and Tibet borders. These rivers play a vital role in the economical, cultural, social and environmental issues of India. The hydroelectric projects on these rivers are illuminating thousands of homes, but they are also facing the flak from environmentalists for disturbing the ecological balance. These rivers are the backbone of Indian economy because of their usage for farming, drinking water, electricity, fishing, trading, etc. In some parts of Uttarakhand, rivers like Ganga, Tons, Yamuna, and Kali are famous for offering a wide variety of water sports. Most of these rivers are clean and less polluted till they enter in the Tarai region.

Important Rivers in Uttarakhand

  1. Ganga
  2. Yamuna
  3. Bhagirathi
  4. Kali River
  5. Alaknanda
  6. Kosi
  7. Mandakini
  8. Bhilangana
  9. Sharyu
  10. Ramganga – Eastern
  11. Ramganga – Western
  12. Goriganga
  13. Pindar
  14. Tons
  15. Gaula
  16. Dhauli Ganga – Garhwal
  17. Dhauli Ganga – Kumaon
  18. Nayar -Eastern
  19. Nayar – Wastern
  20. Nandakini

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