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Folk Dances of Uttaranchal

The folk-lore of Uttaranchal, indeed the lives of the people are filled with dancing-it is as important for them as wearing clothes, a must for life. For them the Gods can be influenced by dances not to fail man. The art of dancing also owes its inspiration to the fascinating mythical dancing damsels who dwell on snow-clad peaks and are variously described as Ancheris, Kecharis or Paries.

"They are fairies or women who move in the firmament, young women of surpassing beauty, sumptuously clothed and supposed to belong to the court of Indira. His dancing girls, they are said to fly or float along the sky without any visible wings".

Some believe they are the souls of spirits of young unmarried girls who died with no funeral rites; they are the daughters of Ravana who offered them to Lord Shiva as his hand-maidens. The most popular version makes them part of the Krishna legend and lore, making them into the Gopis who dance the 'Dance Celestial' with their Lord.

Folk Dances of Garhwal Region

1. Langvir Nritya

2. Barada Nati

3. Pandva Nritya

4. Shotiya Tribal Folk Dances

Folk Songs of Garhwal

1. Chhopati

2. Chounphula and Jhumeila

3. Basanti

4. Mangal

6. Jaggar

7. Bajuband

8. Khuded

9. Chhura

Folk Lore of Kumaon

1. Ramola

2. Jagars

3. Chhapeli- The Courtship Dance

4. Chancheri - The Mother of Jhora

5. Jhora

6. Chholiya Dance

7. The Thali, Jadda and Jhainta


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Uttarakhand Matrimonial
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Uttarakhand Tourism

Trekking in Uttaranchal
Uttarakhand Himalayas have an absolute vast area for Trekking and Camping. It is simply a paradise for the adventure sports lovers, pilgrimage and tourists.
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Uttarakhand Culture

Uttaranchal Culture
Uttaranchal has a cultured and colourful society. The religious, social and cultural urges of the people of Uttaranchal find an expression in various fairs and festivals.
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Uttarakhand Villages

Uttaranchal Villages
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