Garhwal University Department of Zoology

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Garhwal University Department of Zoology

City  :Srinagar, Uttarakhand
Established  :1973
Affiliation  :HNB Garhwal University
Courses  :BSc, MSc
Category  :University
Phone  :+91-01346-252143, 252168

The department sponsored by UGC SAP (DRS I II) / COSIST and DST-FIST has emerged as a hub of scientific activity and quality Human Resource development in HNB Garhwal University.

The most striking feature of the Zoology department is its warm ambiance and strong student-teacher rapport conducive for creative thinking, academic excellence &, above all, personality building.

It offers high profile PG courses adjudged ‘of very high standard and utility’ by UGC- NAAC. The dept attracts every year students from over 30 Universities & 16 States (average last 4 years). Students regularly qualify national tests and have been absorbed in industries & premier Biological & Medical Institutions. Students were rated highly motivated, alert, articulate & aware as compared to those in other State Universities.

The Zoology department is carrying out national & international level researches that have placed the country on world map (in Ornithology/Comparative Endocrinology). It serves as a nodal centre for regional colleges imparting periodic training on modern Analytical Techniques and having hosted three international conferences. Leading Biologists of the country and the world (including 4 FRS) have lectured in the department.

As a service to the society it has brought immunoassay technology to rural population for diagnostic purpose for the first time in the country. Sizable manpower has been generated with bird watching skill – an important ingredient for Ecotourism in Uttarakhand

Zoology Syllabus in Garhwal University

  • Integrated M.Sc.
  • M.Sc. Biotech
  • M.Sc. Zoology
  • Modi B.Sc.

Courses Available in Zoology in Garhwal University

Niche-oriented Integrative Biology curricula have been developed which would not merely end up in class-room teaching but translate in terms of resource utilization and job opportunities for young and, above all, community growth & service.

  • M. Sc.  Zoology (4 Semesters)
  • P.G. Diploma in Analytical Techniques in Biomedicine
  • M. Sc. Biotechnology/ Biomedical Technology (4 Semesters)
  • 5 year Integrated Program M.Sc. Biotechnology (10 Semesters)
  • Advanced P.G. Diploma in Bioinformatics (yet to commence)

Admission Criteria for Zoology Courses in Garhwal University

All India selection process based on: Written entrance test + Academic merit (HS, ISc or equiv., B.Sc. percentage aggregate marks) + Group discussion + Interview.

Facilities in Zoology Department of HNB Garhwal University

Infrastructure Facility

  • Well equipped research & teaching laboratories
  • BARC-approved Radio-isotope Laboratory
  • Library with approx 2000 books including multiple copies of latest versions of inter- nationally acclaimed books with multimedia connection
  • Computer lab with internet connectivity exclusively for PG students
  • Inter-active Programs on CD ROM & Multimedia (Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Immunology & Genetics)
  • Microbial Culture lab
  • Plant Tissue Culture lab (Saveer Biotech)
  • Molecular Biology Lab (PCR, Gel doc)
  • Facility for monitoring behavioral parameters
  • Vermiculture
  • Rat colony for experiments (established by PG students as assignment)
  • Drosophila Culture facility (set up by PG students as assignment)
  • Aviary, Chronocubicles, Photoperiodic chambers, Wet Lab, Hatchery

Technical Expertise in Zoology Department

Sophisticated biological technology has been set up used as routine e.g. Radioimmunoassay, ELISA, Radio Receptor assay, Hormone Receptor Methodology, Subcellular Fractionation & Localization of Hormones, DNA Isolation Techniques, Electrophoresis for DNA & Proteins, DNA Hybridization, Blotting, PCR, RAPD, Chromatographic Techniques including GLC, Microbial Culture, Immunological Techniques, Fluorescent Microscopy, pectrophotometery, Autoradiography Surgical Extirpation Methods & Constant Activity Monitoring, Habitat Evaluation Techniques, Sampling Wildlife Populations, Environmental impact assessment techniques, Water Quality Analysis etc.

Research Achievements of Zoology Department, Garhwal University

The Zoology department has excelled in research as evident from international publications including in high impact factor journals, international citations, invitations to present work in international meetings, invitation to chair sessions and symposia in international conferences in different countries.

Faculty members have published more than 200 papers. Serve on important national and international committees and have presented work in 42 international conferences in 24 countries. The department has organized 6 international and 4 national seminars / symposia. The department has hosted 3 international conferences with lectures by leading biologists of the world including 4 FRS.

Garhwal University Campus

  1. Srinagar, Pauri Garhwal
  2. Pauri, Pauri Garhwal
  3. Tehri, Tehri Garhwal

Contact Address of Garhwal University Department of Zoology for 2020 Admissions, 2020 Results and other Information related Exam Dates 2020

Garhwal University Department of Zoology
Srinagar, Pauri Garhwal-246174, Uttarakhand, India

+91-01346-252143, 252168,

HNB Garhwal University Srinagar
HNB Garhwal University Srinagar

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