Vyasa Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh

Vyasa Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh

City  :Rishikesh, Uttarakhand
Phone  :+ 91 - 9557808586
Email  :vyasayogapeeth@gmail.com

Vyasa Yoga Peeth is a pioneer yoga training school in Rishikesh. The yoga school offers wide range of courses and programs best for yoga enthusiast & yoga lovers. This international school is registered yoga teacher training school certification from Yoga Alliance USA.

All courses are teach by certified yoga instructors and follows a curriculum as per Yoga Alliance standards. The school conducts various Teacher Training Courses, Yoga Retreat and Intensive courses in its two centres in Rishikesh.

Courses in Vyasa Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh

Course Duration Fees (in $)
Yoga Teacher Training 200 Hrs 1450/-
300 Hrs 2000/-
500 Hrs 2900/-
100 Hrs 800/-
Yoga Retreat 10 Days 545/-
Advanced Intensive Course 15 Days 650/-

Fee Includes –

  • 200/300 hours certified Yoga Teacher Training Course
  • International Yoga Alliance Certification(YA or CYA)
  • Excursions and local sight seeing
  • Herbal tea
  • Yogic vegetarian meal (2 meals a day)
  • Semi delux room attached bathroom with hot / cold shower
  • two or three students in one room, single on request with extra charge.
  • Printed materials of course
  • Tools for Neti Kriya (pot and thread)
  • Yoga mats are available for students use in yoga-hall
  • Include yoga text books like-Yoga sutra and Gheranda samhita

Syllabus For 100 Hrs YTT Courses

  • Practicum
    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series
    • Classical Hatha Yoga
    • Breathing Practice- Diaphragmatic Breathing, Nadishodhanam, Kapalbhati, Bhastrila and Ujjayi
    • Meditation-So – Ham Meditation, and Kundalini Meditation.
    • Yoga Nidra- 31 point basic level.
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    • History of the Anatomy
    • Respiratory System and yogic effect
    • Anatomy of the Asanas and Pranayamas.
  • Philosophy
    • Intro to Indian Philosophy
    • Intro to Yoga sutra.
    • Intro to Ashtanga Yoga
    • Intro to Five Pranas
    • Intro to Chakras.

Syllabus For 15 Days Advanced Intensive Course

  • Teaching Practice
    • Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary series with little modification.
    • Sivananda Yoga
    • Classical Hatha Yoga
    • Inner Pranayama series
    • External pranayama series
    • Yoga Therapy in one disease what you like select one
    • Cleansing Practice – Jala Neti Sutra Neti Kunjala and Danda Dhauti if you like to practice.
    • Chakra kundalini meditation.
  • Anatomy and Physiology
    • History of the Anatomy and Physiology
    • Respiratory System yogic effect on it.
    • Digesting System and Yogic effect on it.
    • Anatomy of the Asanas and Pranayamas.
  • Philosophy
    • Intro to Yoga sutra.
    • Vrittis of the Mind and How to control it.
    • Karma Influence.
    • Four Faculties of the mind.
    • Intro to Gheranda Samhita (sapta sadhana)
    • Kriya Yoga.
    • Intro to 14 important Nadies.
    • Intro to Chakras.

Syllabus For 200 Hrs YTT Course

  • Asanas or body postures, involved in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha Yoga and Laughter Yoga
  • History of yogic sciences and its relations to Vedas
  • Brief theory of Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Mental relaxation focused upon by way of meditation & healing
  • Deep cleansing & detoxification of the body by way of Ayurveda
  • Sanskrit names of the asanas & their connection to the muscles
  • Ayurveda treatment by way of Ayurvedic massages & other treatments explained
  • Teaching lessons & methods for conducting classes
  • Stress free living techniques
  • Yog nidra, chakra healing etc.

Syllabus For 300 Hrs YTT Course

  • Deeper studies of yogic philosophy
  • Harder and intermediate poses in yoga taken up
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga practiced with longer hold durations
  • Refined meditative practices adopted and taught
  • Connections of body and their relation to the mind is also taken up
  • Greater emphasis of correct postures (asanas) is laid
  • Cleansing process are further defined
  • Flow of energy and universe laws explained
  • Chakras, their placement and their workings
  • Pranayama or flow of breath controlled with greater emphasis in the asanas
  • Teaching practices & their correlation to the students mind
  • Dealing with multiple student types

Syllabus For 500 Hrs YTT Course

  • Deep studies about yoga & Ayurveda
  • Methods on smoothly handling a class
  • Smoother techniques of dealing with students doubts
  • Systematic approach to handling special students
  • Mental correlation to the universe and other mystic forces
  • Identification of the body types based on Ayurvedic studies
  • Exceptional teaching techniques useful in everyday teaching
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa & Hatha Yoga’s topmost asanas & inverted postures taught
  • Guideline to be followed by yoga instructor
  • Swara Yoga & Iyenger yoga explained
  • Mantras, meditation & pranyama, taught with all their significance & relations to the divine
  • Study of Indian history related to Ayurveda & Yog Patanjali Sutras explained
  • Other areas based on every students taken up and sharpened

Contact Address of Vyasa Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh for 2019 Admissions, 2019 Results and other Information related Exam Dates 2019

Vyasa Yoga Peeth, Rishikesh
Dev Ganga Guest House, Near Post Office, Lakshman Jhula, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India

+ 91 - 9557808586


Vyasa Yoga Peeth Rishikesh

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