Gahat (Kulath) Soup

Brief: Its a soup prepared from Gahat ( Kulth) Grains


  1. Boiled Gahat water – 500 ml
  2. Whole Garam Masala – 10 gms
  3. Cream – 10gms
  4. Gahat Dal – 150gms
  5. Ginger and Garlic water – 50 ml


  1. Boil Gahat grain soaked overnight in a pan with Garam Masala.
  2. Seperate the boiled dal and water.
  3. Grind the dal in the mixer and keep aside
  4. Heat boiled dal water in a pan, add Ginger and Garlic water, salt, black pepper powder and half the dal paste.
  5. Simmer the above mixer in low heat for 4-5 minutes.
  6. Garnish with cream and serve hot soup

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