Jauljibi and Thal fairs

This fair is held every year in November at Jauljibi, the confluence ofthe rivers Kali and Gori, which is a meeting place of three different cultures – the Shauka, the Nepali and the Kumaoni. This gateway to Johar, Darma, Chaudans and Byans was at one time, considered to be the central place between Tibet and the Tarai regions. Though this fair is primarily a commercial one, its cultural importance cannot be overlooked. People come even from Nepal to this fair in order to sell horses, ghee and foreign goods and take back foodgrains, jaggery etc.

A similar fair is held at Thal on Vaishakh Sankranti (14 April) and it attracts a large number of Shaukas. With the closure of the Indo – Tibet trade these fairs have lost their former importance.

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