Learn Kumaoni – Part 3

The local dialects spoken by the people of Kumaon are terned as Kumaoni or Kumauni dialects. Various variations of Kumaoni can be seen at the different parts of Kumaon.

The following form of Kumaoni is adopted from the region near Almora.

Following is a translation between English and Kumaoni sentences:

Pronunciation Help :
*’aa‘ should be pronounced as ‘aa’ in ‘bazaar’
*’(n)‘ should be pronounced for getting the feel of n only.

English : Do you know kumaoni?
Kumaoni : Tum kumaoni janchha?
English : Yes, a little bit of it.
Kumaoni : Hoi thori bahut jannoo.
English : Can you speak kumaoni?
Kumaoni : Tum Kumaoni bule lichha?
English : No. But I can understand Kumaoni.
Kumaoni : Na yaar, lekin Kumaoni samajh leenu.
English : Do you want to learn kumaoni?
Kumaoni : Tum Kumaoni sikhen chachhaa?
English : Yes. I want to learn it.
Kumaoni : Hoi mee Kumaoni sikhen chaanoo.
English : When did you buy this mobile phone?
Kumaoni : Tumool mobil phone kabhei lechh?
English : I bought it last month.
Kumaoni : Meel pichhali mahen main lechha.
English : What is your phone number?
Kumaoni : Tumer phone number key(a) chhoo?
English : My mobile number is 9818123456.
Kumaoni : Meyar mobile number 9818123456 chhoo.
English : Do you know Anil Mehra?
Kumaoni : Tum Anil Mehra k(a) jaanchha?
English : Yes, he is the Sarpanch of your village.
Kumaoni : Hoi. Oo humar gaonk serpanch chhee.
English : Are you married?
Kumaoni : Tumer beyaah hai go chha?
English : Yes, I am married for three years.
Kumaoni : Hoi meayar beyah teen saal pali hoi gachhee.
English : Where are you married from?
Kumaoni : Tumer beyaah ka batik honchh?
English : I am married from Jageshwar in Almora.
Kumaoni : Meyar beyaah Jageshwar batik honch, jo ki Almor main chhoo.
English : How many children do you have?
Kumaoni : Tumar kaduk nantin chhee?
English : I have only one daughter.
Kumaoni : Meri kewal ek cheli chhoo.
English : When are you going to marry?
Kumaoni : Tum beyaah kabhai kerar rachha?
English : I haven’t decided it yet.
Kumaoni : Meel aayee tai kuch nee soochi.
English : Will you marry me?
Kumaoni : Tum mee dagar(d) beyaah karlaa?
English : I need some time to think about it.
Kumaoni : Meek kuchh tame deao soachare leje.
English : Where do you work?
Kumaoni : Tum k(a) kaam kerchha.
English : I work in a Call Centre in Delhi.
Kumaoni : Mee Delii main ek Call Centre mai kaam keranoo.
English : When will you come?
Kumaoni : Tum kabhai aala?
English : I will come on Tuesday evening.
Kumaoni : Mee mangalvar beauh ool.
English : Will you drink tea?
Kumaoni : Tum chaha peela?
English : No. Not now.
Kumaoni : Na. Alle naa.
English : Would you like to have tea or coffee?
Kumaoni : Kya tum chaahaa cofee pasand nee kerana?
English : I would like to have coffee.
Kumaoni : Mee coffee pasand keranoo.
English : Have you had your lunch?
Kumaoni : Tamool khan khai haucha?
English : No. I am on fast today.
Kumaoni : Na, aaj meayr bart chhoo.
English : Shall I go?
Kumaoni : Aachha hitanoo pai(n)?
English : You can go after some time.
Kumaoni : Bhato, thori der baad leh jaaya.
English : May I come in?
Kumaoni : Mee bhiter aaye sakunu?
English : Yes. You don’t need any permission for that.
Kumaoni : Hoi. Kilak naa, tamukoo puchar jaroorat naaithi.
English : Do I talk much?
Kumaoni : Meel jyada batul to nee kehal.
English : Shall I tell you the truth?
Kumaoni : Mee tamuka sachhi baat batul?

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