Stuffed Gahat (Kulath) Chappaties

Brief: Dal prepared from Gahat, tempered with Gandharein (Angelica Glabris), Asafoetida Brief: – Delicious and nutritious Chappaties with Gahat Stuffed.


  1. Wheat flour – ½ Kg
  2. Mandua flour – 300 gms
  3. Ajwain – 1 gm
  4. Gahat – 150 gms


  1. Boil overnight soaked dal and make a paste of it ina mixer
  2. Mix wheat and Mandua flour well and knead with water. (Keep the dough aside)
  3. Mix Ajwain and salt in dal paste
  4. Take Mandua and Wheat flour dough and stuff with dal paste
  5. Roll into chappati and cook from both side on tawa
  6. Ensure that the chappati are cooked well.

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