Asia Strongest Man 2017 World Qualifier

26 - 27 Aug 2017
Rangers Ground

Mahabalis, some of the most powerful men around the world, are coming to Dehradun. Yes, you heard right. The show will be Asia Strongest Man 2017 Championship. With the help of “Strong Man India”, the championship is being organized for the first time in Uttarakhand. In this, participants of ten countries including India will inspire to win the title of Asia Strongest Man.

On August 26, Asia’s Strongest Man 2017 Championship will be organized at Rangers Ground in Dehradun. In this Championship, 30 players from ten countries, including India, will participate. The competition will be held in the Rangers ground on August 26 and 27.

Countries Participating in Asia Strongest Man 2017 Championship at Dehradun

Armresting and deadlifting will be fought in this “Save Forest, Nature” theme competition. India, Iran, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, Japan, South Africa, Israel, Scotland and Netherlands will participate in this Championship.

Championship Categories : 90 Kg, 105 Kg & Open

Events in Asia Strongest Man 2017 Championship

Log Lift

Participants have to carry wood logs of more weight than their own weight. 110 kg in 90 kg category, 130 kg in 105 kg category and 150 kg weight in open category.

Farmer Walk

Participants have to cover 25 mtrs distance to & fro within a given time carrying double weight than their own weight.

Front Load Holding

Participants have to carry weight in both hand, at the level of their shoulders as long as possible.

Yoke Race

Participants have to push weight cart with their shoulders.

Call Pully

Participant have to pull a car to 25 mtrs within a given time.

Axle Deadlift

Participants have to pick up rounded weight bars up to the maximum capacity.

Winning Prize

First : INR 75,000/-
Second : INR 50,000/-
Third : INR 30,000/-

Asia Strongest Man 2017 Championship

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