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Siksha Rath: A Support to 300 underprivileged students of Govt. Degree College, Choubattakhal

25 April 2019
Chobattakhal, Pauri

Siksha Rath & It’s Initiative :

  • Siksha Rath is an initiative by SAM-AARAAMBH foundation to provide required Education and Sports aid including but not limited to – School/College dress, Computers, Books, Stationary, Shoes, mode of transportation et all to underprivileged students in remote areas and support them to get their Constitutional Right of education.
  • Need for social reforms have grown exponentially and SAM-AARAAMBH Foundation, through its initiatives like Siksha Rath, ensures optimization and efficient implementations of CSR Programmes.
  • Organizations need to establish themselves as socially responsible and good corporate citizens to add greater value to their business and SAMARAAMBH Foundation is providing a platform and data of really needy people to do so.
  • The projects under Siksha Rath initiative are approved after extensive groundwork, research, data collection of all beneficiaries and as such can be linked to various CSR Programmes aimed at Girl Education, Women Empowerment, Child Education and Child Welfare.

Benefecitiories: Govt. Degree College Chobattakhal

  • Requested by  Dr. D. S. Negi Principal Govt.Degree College, Chobattakhal Pauri Garhwal Uttrakhand.
  • Government Degree College Chaubattakhal was established in October, 1979 as a higher education center in the remote and backward hilly region of Uttarakhand state. It is affiliated to HNB Garhwal University, Srinagar (Garhwal).
  • The college is situated at an altitude of 1872 m. on the hilly slope of Lower Himalaya at the distance of 92 km from Kotdwara, the gateway of Himalaya.
  • The college is providing educational services to 300 students living in remote villages including Dumdeval, Pokhra, Naugaonkhal, Ekeshwar, Santudwar, Gadri, Gadi Gaon, Pinani and many more.

Event Details

On request of Dr.D.S. Negi Principal Govt Degree College, SAMAARAMBH FOUNDATION has arranged 600 College uniforms, 300 sweaters,5 computers, and All Sports Equipment to help and Support 300 underprivileged students of Govt. Degree College, Choubattakhal, Pauri Garhwal (Uttrakhand). 30 Volunteers under the Banner SHIKSHA RATH will be flagged from Delhi on April 25, 2019, traveling through the road of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand. We also have a debate Competition on the Topic of Migration among the Students and a Photography Contest for Volunteers and Prizes will be distributed to winners at the End of the Event.
The Event is supported by Public Relations Society of India (PRSI) and the fleet will have media coverage during traveling as well as event phases. A total of 900+ KMS will be covered passing through Uttar Pradesh, Uttrakhand, and Delhi under the banner of “Shiksha-Rath” and will conclude on April 27, 2019.

About: SAM-AARAAMBH foundation

It is a band of people from different Media Houses -Corporates and states come across while traveling to view real India by road. SAM-AARAAMBH foundation is a result of 10 years of discussions, opinions, real-life experiences, initiatives, efforts, human contact and traveling across this vast country of ours. From their frequent traveling of remote yet beautiful locations, they are able to acquire a deep understanding of the social and economic structure of our society. Strong organizational skills, partnership, teamwork and leadership abilities of every individual connected with SAMARAAMBH has further honed their skill to bring about big impact, even with small steps.

eUttaranchal as a Social Media Partner

We are happy to inform you that eUttaranchal is supporting this social cause through our social media & web platforms. For daily updates, please follow our facebook & insta page @euttaranchal.

You can contact Team Sam-Aarambh at  9999419333 or visit their web-portal for more info at www.samaarambh.org

Sam Aarambh Foundation


Contact Information

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Sam Aarambh Foundation

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