Uttarakhand Fire Service Department

Uttarakhand Fire and Emergency services is one of the most important department of Uttarakhand. Recently in the scorching summers of 2016 thousands of acres of forests in Uttarakhand witnessed a horrified fire after which the responsibilities of this department increased. It was established in on 9th Nov, 2000 when the seed of newly state Uttarakhand was germinated. Currently Uttarakhand fire department has total of 33 fire stations in different areas in which 29 fire station are in public areas and 4 fire stations in industrial areas.

Contact number in case of Emergency: 101

Objectives of the Uttrakhand Fire Service and Emergency Service Department

The department has divided their objects in three categories

  1. Primary Objective: Saving Life
  2. Secondary Objective: Save national and public property.
  3. Tertiary Objective: Salvage and preservation.

Except these Uttarakhand Fire Service and Emergency service Department also perform tasks like:

  • They forge advice and guidelines on fire protection, prevention and cause.
  • Protection to the public during the exigencies, like communal riots, strikes, Festival, public gatherings, Large Processions etc.
  • This department also organize different campaigns to educate people about fire prevention.

FAQs about Fire NOC and and How to apply for it in Uttarakhand?

Q. What is Fire NOC?

A. Fire NOC is a No Obection Cerficate against Fire Prevention & Protection system.

Q2. What are the document required for Fire NOC?

A. For Pre established NOC :

  • Structural map as per Uttarakhand Byelaws/NBC duly signed by departmental competent authority.
  • If the map is with ‘Saman’ (Compounding) or additional construction is required, then photocopy of previous NOC (as per National Building Code & as per guidelines of Uttarakhand Building Bye-laws, 2015 and further revised in 2016, issued by Housing Department, Govt. Of Uttarakhand).

For Pre-Operation NOC :

  • Approved Map in which all the previously suggested fire safely measures have been successfully demonstrated.
  • List of existing fire safety equipment in building as per the NBC.
  • Photocopy of previously issued NOC(if issued previously).

Annual Clearance Certificate :

  • Scanned challan (Head 0070 60 109 00 00).
  • Scanned copy of Hydraulic pressure test certificate for Extinguisher.
  • Photocopy of previously issued NOC.
  • Existing Situation of fire safety measures.

Q. How to fill NOC form online ?

A. Go to Website of Uttarakhand fire department and then scroll to tab NOC. Click here to visit website.

  1. In the NOC drop down menu choose the option Apply for NOC.
  2. Choose option according to your need like if you want Pre-operational NOC then click on it.
  3. A new window will open Fill the form with correct details and upload the required documents.
  4. Submit the form.

Contact Information for Uttarakhand Fire Service Department

Uttarakhand Fire and Emergency Services Department
Dehradun - 248001
fire-and-emergency services Department Uttarakhand

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