Uttarakhand Health Department

Uttarakhand Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare is the department which work in field of improvement of health services and quality of life of its people by focusing on health issues with the objective of reducing disease burden, creating an enabling environment, influencing direct and indirect health determinants such as nutrition, water, sanitation and other factors like education and employment in the state.

Objectives of Uttarakhand Medical Health and Family Welfare

  • Providing better health services in the state.
  • Improving quality of life of its people.
  • Reducing disease burden
  • Creating an enabling environment
  • Influencing direct and indirect health determinants such as nutrition, water, sanitation etc
  • It also works on the factors like education and employment.

Birth and Death Registration Process

According to birth and death registration programme, from 1st to 21st day, birth and death, registration is free and the certificate of birth and death is also provided by the related department like –

  • In Urban: In the office of Municipal Corporation,Municipality, Cantonment board, etc
  • In Rural: In the office of ‘Gram Panchayat Adhikar’.
  • Outside Country: In the office of Counselor and in 60 days of returning to India at their family residential.

Note: After 21 days you have to pay fees for birth or death registration with late fees.

Responsible person/organization to provide the information of birth and death

  • For Hospital or Nursing home: Medical officer in charge.
  • For Home: Head of the family.
  • For any other location: In-charge officer of that area or police officer of that area’s police station.

About Rastriya Swastya Bima Yojna

To provide health insurance coverage to the people who are below poverty line(BPL). The ministry of Labour and Employment, Government of India has launched this scheme. Benefits under this Scheme

  • Hospitalization coverage up to Rs. 30,000/- for the diseases that require hospitalization of the patient.
  • Coverage extends to five members of the family which includes the head of household, spouse and up to three dependents.
  • It covered 725 surgical process & non surgical unspecified disease.
  • It covered maternity benefit and the new born will be automatically covered under the scheme.
  • Under this scheme there is a provision of card splitting so that family members who are living in other district can avail the benefits.

About Accredited social health activist (ASHA)

Q1. What is ASHA?

Ans. It is programme of Govt of India which is a key link to public health services in villages in India. It comes under NRHM i.e National Rural Health Mission.

Q2. Which types of drugs are provided by ASHA?

Ans. Paracetamol, Tab. Ironfolic Acid, ORS Packets, Bandage 4cm X 4 meters, Cotton Absorbent Roll, Betadine, Tab. Dicyclomin, Emergency Contraceptive 72, Dig. Therometer, DD Kit.

Q3. Which type of Services are provided by ASHA?

Ans. ASHA provide many health related services in Rural areas. Presently 11086 ASHAs are working in Uttarakhand State. Below are the few examples in which ASHA help.

  • Immunization of new born baby.
  • TB (DOT) full treatment.
  • Lap Ligation
  • Vasectomy (male)
  • Leprosy- recognition & full treatment
  • Cataract
  • Cross-sectional study to determine the proportion of women utilizing services of the ASHA for pregnancy-related conditions

Except these there is also so many village and block level services which is provided by ASHA.

Contact Information for Uttarakhand Health Department

Directorate of Health Services
Department of Medical Health and Family Welfare Uttarakhand
Village Danda Lakhond, P.O. Gujrara, Sahastradhara Road, Near Rajiv Gandhi Playground
Dehradun - 248001
Health Department of Uttarakhand

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