Uttarakhand Revenue Department

The Uttarakhand Department of Revenue & Board of Revenue is one of the most important department of Uttarakhand. The main responsibility of the department is to control and regulate all the administrative work judicial work and the work related to the collection of revenue lies on the Board Of Revenue.

About the Board Of Revenue of Uttarakhand and its work

The Board Of Revenue is the highest judicial body of the revenue department. The headquarter of this department is situated in Dehradun. The Chairman, Board Of Revenue works as the H.O.D. for the personnel’s of revenue department. The main task of this board are

  • To control, regulate and upgrade all the judicial and administrative work of the revenue department.
  • Regular supervision and analysis of the revenue department.
  • Under the Board of Revenue, ‘Agriculture census and statistics’ section has been established which work for the data related to the size of holding of the farmer, number of farmers on basis of cast and sex, average size of the holding, number of the crops, area covered by the different crops, irrigated and unirrigated area, seeds, fertilizers and instruments used.
  • This data is used by the state and centre government to make different schemes and policies.
  • Record preparation of National Land Record Modernization Programme in the state after resurvey, to compile an error free data base of the complete land record.

Other responsibilities of Department of Revenue & Board of Revenue, Uttarakhand

  • Chakbandi
  • Land Acquisition
  • Revenue Collection
  • Revenue Police
  • Revenue Cases
  • Budget
  • Transfer of land to departments
  • Service Rules

What is Bhu Abhilekh and in Uttarakhand who handled it ?

Bhu Abhilekh is a scheme of center Govt. for the computerization of land records. This scheme was launched by the Ministry of rural development, Govt. of India, as a wholly centrally funded scheme in 1994-95. In Uttarakhand the work of computerization of land records was done by the N.I.C. at the collectorate level in all the thirteen districts. Now this work of computerization has been completed by the N.I.C.

What is NLRMP ?

After discontinuing all the earlier schemes/program of computerization and modernization of land records, the Govt. of India has started a new scheme of National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP). This scheme envisages the preparation of error free digitized land records to make it available for the common public.

Forms related to Uttarakhand Department of Revenue & Board of Revenue

Contact Information for Uttarakhand Revenue Department

Principal Secretary
Uttarakhand Revenue Department & Board of Revenue
Dehradun - 248001
Revenue Department Of Uttarakhand

3 Responses

  1. Gulshan Grover

    I am gulshan Grover from Roorkee district haridwar.a corrupt tahsildar has done the mutation of my land on the basis of exparty injection degree.now I kindly request you to help me.I am a old man of 75 years old.please help me.

  2. smt amrita singh

    Land fraud of over 70 acres in village debipur Muliya, tehsil Ramnagar was confirmed in 2014 by inquiry report dated 27/09/2014 letter no 380/1-8(2012)of Land Revenue Police Almora. I was the complainant. Commissioner Kumaon Mandal took bold action against fraud.
    FIR 63/2015 u/s 420, 467, 468, 471, IPC was also lodged against accused.
    However on 30/05/2017 Uttarakhand High Court has, on minor technical grounds, set aside the inquiry report and all actions undertaken by Commissioner Kumaon Mandal. Due to adverse orders in Civil writ 1250 of 2015, FIR is also going to be quashed in Criminal writ 374 of 2015. Culprits are free.

    I am 72 years old woman single-handedly fighting against crime. I am tired now. I request the government to defend the inquiry report against fraud. Help me.

  3. manoj singh

    mam we salute you for such bold actions taken by you.i am facing the same problem where the tehsildaar and patwari are stopping me from claiming my land.they demand bribe but through other sources.i am helpless..pls suggest me a way out.i am an honest man and hate curroption .that is the reason why i am living in hills instead of cities but it seems that curroption have also polluted the hills.

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