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Fylfot Public School, Dehradun

by Rashmi Bisht | Last Updated
City  :Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Established  :2006
Affiliation  :CBSE, New Delhi
Type  :Day Scholar

Fylfot Public School is a co-educational day boarding school in Dehradun affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The school has classes from Nursery to Class XII and the medium of instruction is English. The school strives to impart quality education to its students along with character-building skills that will help them achieve greater heights in their future.

Ecole Globale Girls Boarding School, Dehradun

The school’s philosophy and mythology revolve around discovering the strengths and talents of the students and develop the qualities of initiative, drive, and leadership amongst students. The school aims to nurture intellectual, creative, physical as well as emotional needs of the child with the utmost care and responsibility.

Fylfot Public School Dehradun Curriculum

The school strives to maintain a balance between academics and co-curricular activities.

The students are taught in a supportive, interactive and learning environment. Highly qualified teaching staff and faculty are aided with maps, charts, illustrations to computer software and audiovisual aids.

Remedial Classes
Students who are not able to cope with the regular pace with which the curriculum is taught are provided remedial classes to catch up. Their queries are solved individually by subject teachers.

Co-curricular activities
The school organizes various Intra and Interschool events like Debate, Recitation, Essay Writing, and Story Writing to encourage students to open their mind with new thoughts and ideas.

Like Skills
The school also helps students in making good, well-thought choices in life so as to overcome peer pressure and make sound long-term decisions in their life.

Sports, Music, and Dance
The school encourages its students to actively take up sports, indoor as well as outdoor and provides them the necessary infrastructure for basketball, volleyball hockey, badminton, chess, athletics, shooting, etc. Equal importance is given to dance and music as well.

Fylfot Public School Dehradun Features

  • The school is under CCTV surveillance 24 x7 security for its students.
  • The large school campus is covered with Wi-Fi for requisite facilities.
  • Well-ventilated and spacious smart classrooms are provided to encourage interactive learning.
  • Well equipped computer and ultra-modern Science laboratories.
  • A separate activity building for dance, music, theatre, and painting.
  • Two large playfields, on and basketball courts, table tennis and a 10 m shooting range.

Admission to Fylfot Public School Dehradun

Parents can register their child for any particular class at any time of the year by submitting a registration fee. Following registration, all candidates will be requested to appear for an entrance test and an interview. The tests for Standard LKG onwards will be conducted in three written papers, namely, English, Mathematics and Hindi.

On successful payment of fees along with requisite documents, the student will be provided with admission documents and will be placed on school rolls.

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Contact Address of Fylfot Public School, Dehradun for 2020 Admissions, 2020 Results and other Information related Exam Dates 2020

Fylfot Public School, Dehradun
Tea Estate, Banjarawala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India

0135 - 2532033