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Maple Bear Canadian Pre School, Dehradun

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City  :Dehradun, Uttarakhand

Maple Bear Canadian Pre-school in Dehradun is world known preschool that is inspired by the Canadian Early learning Program for children around the world. The Maple Bear Education System was created by Canadian experts that are constantly updated to reflect the best in early childhood education. The pre schools Maple Bear in Dehradun are located in Dalanwala, Bhaniyawala & Sahastradhara.

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The Maple Bear Pre Schools in Dehradun aims to provide early childhood and elementary education in a safe, secure and stimulating environment with a goal to establish an enthusiasm for learning and knowledge in the young ones. Maple Bear adopts diverse learning styles and developments are respected at all times.

Maple Bear Canadian Pre School Dehradun Programs

Maple Bear offers several programs for children of an age group ranging from 18 months to 8 years :

Toddler (18 months and above)

The minimum age requirements for Toddler program is 18 months. Toddlers begin to process things and situations at a higher cognitive level. They move about constantly, touching everything, experiencing all things, and solving problems on a physical level.

Nursery (2.5 years and above)

At Nursery stage, the children improve their cognitive and language skills. Children will make new friends and develop self-confidence as they strengthen their cognitive skills.

Junior Kindergarten (3.5 years and above)

Lower Kindergarten or JKG is the beginning of a learning adventure. Every day, the child is learning and experiencing more. Children are taught to work independently as well as in encouraging groups.

Senior Kindergarten (4.5 years and above)

SKG curriculum meets and even exceeds state and national content standards for the first-grade, making sure your child is prepared to excel at the next level.

In addition to this, Maple Bear Dalanwala Pre School provides Daycare and other unique programs such as Moms & Tots, Saturday Program and Thematic Summer Camps.

Maple Bear School Dehradun Features

  • Library & Listening Centre, Games, Dramatic Play Centre
  • Sand and Water Centre, Art Centre, Construction Centre
  • Mathematic Centre, Science & Exploration Centre
  • Large Motor Skills, Writing Centre
  • Day Care Facilities

Admission to Maple Bear School Dehradun

Admissions in Maple Bear Schools in Dehradun is done by registration and parent-child-teacher meeting.

For admissions, registration form must be filled, and along with 4 photographs, copy of the birth certificate, copy of the last report card of the school and registration fee, must be submitted to the office.

In addition to admissions in several programs offered, the school also accepts boarding for preparatory students from Class I to class VII.

Short-term preparatory course

The school also offers short-term preparatory courses for students studying in other schools. The term and duration for these courses varies and depends on: the examination of the residential school to be prepared for, and the present level of the student.

Contact Address of Maple Bear Canadian Pre School Dehradun for 2016 Admissions

Maple Bear Dalanwala
22/1, Circular Road,
Dalanwala, Dehradun – 24800,
Contact Us: 09897420422, 0135-2711945
Email: ,

Maple Bear Sahastradhara
Near Rajasthan Marbles,
Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun – 248001
Contact Us: 7060105013, 9897420422

Maple Bear Bhaniyawala
The Presidency International School,
Haridwar Road, Bhaniyawala, Dehradun – 248001
Contact Us: 8859005552, 8859005554

Maple Bear Canadian Pre School Dehradun