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SLM Public School, Dehradun

by Rashmi Bisht | Last Updated
City  :Dehradun, Uttarakhand
Established  :2009
Affiliation  :CBSE, New Delhi
Type  :Day Scholar

SLM Public School is a dynamic place which focuses on complete growth of a child’s mind. The school offers an exhaustive curriculum model which is a mix of academic and creative learning. Kids are encouraged to learn new things. A protective environment is provided to the students where they get to acquire moral values and principles.

Ecole Globale Girls Boarding School, Dehradun

SLM Public School, Badripur was started by Devendri Mundrawal. She also has her own society named Abhivyakti which promotes children education and awareness. One of the special features of the school is that it has only female employees to promote women empowerment.

Curriculum in SLM Public School, Dehradun

The curriculum of the school aims at teaching basic ethics like respecting their parents and elders. For more exposure, the school invites various successful personalities that interact with the kids. SLM Public School academics includes period for dance, music, craft & arts, drawing, games and much more. Different programs offered at the SLM Public School are from Playgroup to 5th Class.

Activities at SLM Public School, Dehradun

  • Drawing Classes : Drawing builds creative and visual skills of a child. Every week, drawing classes are organized at the school. In the classes, students are taught about drawing sketching and coloring techniques.
  • Active Learning : Through active learning students get to learn beyond their books. SLM Public school encourages activity-based learning. It enhances the thinking skills of a child and makes them a smart kid.
  • Smart Classes : By smart classes children understand better and learn quickly. Smart classes are a better tool of learning in comparison to tradition method of learning in classrooms. The school offers smart class learning to kids. Many classrooms also have television.
  • Creative Lesson : To boost creative skills in students, various creative activities like acting, painting, drama etc are organized at the institute. Various learning and interesting activities are set-up for the kids.

Admission at SLM Public School, Dehradun

Parent or guardian for the admission of their child must make sure that they carry the following attachments at the time of registration:

  • Two recent passport size photograph of the child.
  • Copy of the (Municipal Board / Cantonment Board / Gram Parishad Birth Certificate. For Christians, copy of the Baptismal Certificate is also to be attached. (Certificates issued by Nursing Homes / Hospitals will not be accepted.)
  • One recent passport size photograph of the child with his/her parents.
  • A duly stamped self-addressed envelope with the child’s name & home address noted on it.
  • To complete the admission formalities admission fee, annual fee, first installment of the tuition fees, security fee must be paid in advance. Once the admission process gets completed, no deposited fees will be refunded under any circumstances.
  • A certificate from a registered medical practitioner stating the child’s physical condition and dates of immunization against infectious or contagious diseases and indicating allergies or recurring illnesses, if any, along with a photocopy of the immunization card.

Doorstep Admission Counselling

The School provides the facility of Doorstep Counselling Session for all the parents/guardians who are unable to visit the school for admission counseling. Parents will no more be required to go to school. At their doorstep, they will receive adequate & expert advice and admission counseling.

Contact Address of SLM Public School, Dehradun for 2020 Admissions, 2020 Results and other Information related Exam Dates 2020

SLM Public School, Dehradun
Badripur, Dehradun, Uttarakhand

9897934187, 9412997736