Marinda Tal

About Marinda Tal

Marinda Tal (also known as Morinda Tal) is a beautiful high altitude lake one comes across when trekking towards Har Ki Doon valley. 

In Govind Wildlife Sanctuary3 km ahead of Har-Ki-Dun Valley, 31 km trek from Taluka village

Marinda Tal in Govind Wildlife Sanctuary

The mesmerizing lake is situated 3 kms from Har Ki Doon valley. In its essence, Marinda Tal is not a typical lake but a river stream that is blocked across with a large boulder thus forming a reservoir with little current. In the peak season, one can find countless Brahma Kamal around the lake.

Location of Marinda Tal

Marinda Tal is located in In Govind Wildlife Sanctuary ( 3 km ahead of Har-Ki-Dun Valley, 31 km trek from Taluka village).

Location & How to Reach Marinda Tal

Trekkers come across Marinda Tal which is situated 3 kms after one reaches Har Ki Doon valley. One needs to partake in trek across rocky terrain in order to reach Morinda Tal. The trek commences from Taluka which is few kilometers ahead of Sankri village. Trekkers reach Osla village which is around 14 kms from Taluka. From Osla, one passes amidst lush green trials to reach Har Ki Doon valley which is located 11 kms from Osla.

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What is Marinda Tal famous for?

Marinda Tal is popular place for following activities/ interests - Adventure, Lakes, Trekking.

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