Chandrabadni Devi Temple, Tehri

The Chandrabadni Devi Temple is a Hindu shrine, located in a tiny hamlet called Jamnikhal in Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. The temple is perched at an elevation of 2,277 metres above sea level. The Chandrabadni Temple sits atop a hill, about 10 km north of Kandi Khal, located at Devprayag-Kirti Nagar metalled road. The luscious beauty around the temple offers eye captivating views of the snowcapped Surkanda, Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks. The best time to visit this shrine is between June to October.

Architecture of Chandrabadni Devi Temple, Tehri

This ancient temple is a stone structure, where the idol of Chandrabadni is enshrined and few tridents are erected on it. The temple is built on a hill and displays north-Indian style of architecture.

Chandrabadni Devi Temple Legend

According to a Hindu legend, the torso of Sati fell here and her weapons were scattered all around the region. Even today her brass trishuls (tridents) and some of her figurines can be found near the temple.

Rituals, Ceremonies & Fairs at Chandrabadni Temple in Tehri Garhwal

The boutique temple is safely guarded by a Shri-yantra, skillfully carved on a flat stone instead of an idol.  Each year a cloth canopy is traditionally tied over the Shri-yantra. The Brahmin priest is blind-folded while performing the ritual. A big fair is held annually in the month of April in the premises of the Chandrabadni temple.

How To Reach Chandrabadni Temple in Tehri Garhwal

One can easily reach Chandrabadni temple located in Jamnikhal, about 31 km en-route to Devprayag and 109 km from Narendra Nagar. The nearest railhead is located in the holy city of Rishikesh and the nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun. On reaching Jamnikhal, the travellers will have to cover 8 km trek to reach the temple.

Chandrabadni Temple in Tehri Garhwal
Chandrabadni Temple in Tehri Garhwal

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