Kagbhusandi Tal

5231 mts

The Kagbhusandi Lake is a small emerald green lake situated at an altitude of 5,230 metres near Kankul Pass (5,230 m) almost a km in length. This lake is cocooned in the Garhwal Himalayas of Uttarakhand state. It is a paradise for the nature lovers as they can admire the beauty of the sublime Neelkanth, Chaukhamba and Nar-Narayan Peaks.

The pristine Kagbhusandi Tal is nestled in the lap of Hathi Parvat at 6,730 metres above sea level. Two massive rocks on the hilltop spur of Hathi Parvat are believed to be a crow (Kaga) and an eagle (Garuda). The local people believe that the crow is intensely conversing with the eagle on the affairs of the universe.

The lakeside is adorned with varied Himalayan flowers blossoming on the banks during the spring season, with vibrantly coloured petals swaying in the cool breeze. The best time to visit this place is between July to September.

Locals believe that crows fly to this lake for dying:

According to a local legend, the crows fly to this lake for dying. The shattered feathers of the crows can be seen around the lake. But nobody has ever witnessed any crow dying here.

There is  another story related to it. Once, a learned Brahmin incurred the wrath on a sage, who was cursed by the sage and was transformed into a crow.

How to Reach:

Kagbhusandi Tal can be approached either from Bhiuynder village, near Ghangariya or from Vishnuprayag, the former is a little easier trek in gradient than the latter, but longer. The trek from Bhiyunder village passes through thick bear-infested forests and stretches of stinging nettles without any shelter. The trek involves walking on the arduous terrains and slippery rocks over long distances. Local guides are also available from this village.

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  1. Manoj Bhandari

    Hi Kirti, this place is near the Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand. The nearest airport is Jolly Grant in Dehradun and Rishikesh is the nearest rail head. You can also book private taxies to Ghangaria(Chamoli district of Uttarakhand) from there. Local buses are also available from Dehradun and Rishikesh bus station.

  2. Piyush

    I did this trek in Oct 2017, starting from Govindghat and ending at Vishnupryag.This is relatively a tough trek, you need to cross lots of boulder region before reaching the lake.
    Altitude as measured by Garmin GPS:-
    Kagbhusandi : 4340m
    KunKul Khal : 4664m

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