Lipulekh Pass

Lipulekh Pass also known as Lipu-Lekh Pass/Qiangla or Tri-Corner is a high altitude mountain pass situated in the western Himalayas with an extraordinary height of 5,334 metre or 17,500 feet.  It is an International mountain pass between India, China and Nepal. In Uttarakhand, Lipulekh Pass comes under Chaudans valley of Dharchula, a sub-district of Pithoragarh district in the Kumaon region where it links with the Byash Valley of Nepal and with Tibet, an Autonomous Region of China. The famous pilgrimage of Hinudism to Mount Kailash that is also known as Kailash Mansarovar Yatra, traverses from this pass.

History of Lipulekh Pass:

Lipulekh pass has a remarkable history, it has been used by ancient traders, mendicants, and pilgrims traversing between Nepal and Tibet. Where it connects Uttarakhand(India) and Nepal with the old trading town of Taklakot (Purang) in Tibet. Currently, this pass is open for cross-border trade every year from June to September.

Disputes between India-China and Nepal on this Pass:

According to the old documents, the western end of this tri-junction boundary point among Nepal, India, and China by lies in Kalapani dotted in the Nepalese territory, when the boundary agreement between Nepal and China was signed three and half decades ago. Nepal Zeng Xu Yong also told this in a program organized by the Reporter’s Club. These documents also states that Nepalese border up to Limpiyadhura, which is also the source of famous river Kali river which separates India with Nepal. But with the changing time Nepal-China borderline extended further after the finalization of the tri-junction points at Limpiyadhura and Jhinsang Peak.

In 2015,  Prime minister’s Narendra Modi agreed to open a trading post in Lipulekh during his visit to China, which was not welcomed by Nepal. Now Nepal is trying to find the solution of this issue via diplomatic means with China and India.

Some facts about Lipulekh Pass:

  • Lipulekh pass is the first Indian border post to be opened for trade with China in 1992.
  • Lipulekh pass is open for cross-border trade between India and China every year from June to September.
  • Lipulekh pass is also the four officially agreed BPM (Border Personnel Meeting) point between Indian Army and People’s Liberation Army of China which helps in defusing face-offs.
  • In ancient time, it has been used by traders, mendicants, and pilgrims traverse between Nepal and Tibet.
  • It is also the ancient route of Kailash Mansarover Yatra.

How to reach and Lipulekh Pass Trek

It is easily accessible form Pithoragarh district of Uttarakhand from where you can trek to Lipulekh pass a major pass of the Kumaun region situated in the Kali Valley. The nearest rail head is Kathgodam.

Note: Foreigners are only allowed up to Budhi on this trek. If any Indian want to trek with an inner line then you need a permit which is issued by the district authorities of Pithoragarh for this trek.


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