Protected Monuments in Uttarakhand by ASI

The list of historic and protected monuments in Uttarakhand is not small but only local dwellers know about them. These remarkable monuments of Uttarakhand are protected by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) because of their historic importance. They not only narrate the historical facts of the medieval era in which they were built but also depict the beauty of the ancient Pahari architecture. Many historic monuments of Uttarakhand are now in ruins because of the ignorance of government in restoring them. Still, there are so many other historical places in Uttarakhand which need proper care and worldwide promotion to give a boost to the tourism of Uttarakhand. Below is the list of Protected monuments of Uttarakhand by ASI or List of State Protected Monuments in Uttarakhand .

Sl. no Name of monument(s) Location
1. Vaishnav group of temples- Dewal Pauri
2. Devalgarh group of Temples- Devalgarh Pauri
3. Shiv Temple- Paithani Pauri
4. Shivalaya- Kukhargaon Pauri
5. Laxmi- Narayan Group of Temples- Sumari Pauri
6. Narayankoti Group of Temples-Narayankoti Rudraprayag
7. Nalachatti Temple/Stupa Rudraprayag
8. Damyanti Temple-Hyun Rudraprayag
9. Laxmi-Narayan Group of Temples-Bairangana Rudraprayag
10. Vaitarni Group of Temples- Gopeshvar Chamoli
11. Govind Group of Temples- Simli Chamoli
12. Kulsari Temple- Kulsari Chamoli
13. Narayan Group of Temple- Devrana Chamoli
14. Surya Group of Temple- Ranihaat Tehri
15. Raj-Rajeshwar Temple- Raniaat Tehri
16. Nanda Devi of temples-Bajinga Tehri
17. Kyark Raithal Group of temples Uttarkashi
18. Jamdaghni Temple- Than Uttarkashi
19. Mahasu Temple-Barkot Uttarkashi
20. Mahasu Temple-Pujeli Uttarkashi
21. Devdara Temple- Paunti Uttarkashi

Data src: Archaeological Survey of India(ASI)

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