Srinagar Hydro Electric Project

The Srinagar Hydro Electric Project is a hydroelectric power plant built on Alaknanda River. It is situated at Srinagar in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. The power plant has an installed power generation capacity of 330 MW (4×82.5 MW). The owner of this power plant is Alaknanda Hydro Power Corporation Limited a GVK Group company. The major equipment used in the construction work of this dam was supplied by Bharat Heavy Electricals.

The Srinagar Hydro Electric Project is a high concrete dam having a diversion structure of 98 metres. The water conductor system of this dam consists of two circular tunnels of 9.5 diameters, having a length of (1,013 m and 1,145 m) each. The two open desisting basins of 240 m length to remove silt particles of 0.2 mm size and above. A trapezoidal concrete lined power channel about 3,050 m long forbye channel 380m long and 4 number 5.8m diameter steel pen-stocks the four 82.5 MW (total 330MW) Francis turbine units operates under a net head of 66m and design discharge of 560m³/s, the powerhouse is surface type and tail-race system is open channel 140m long.

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