Solan Fairs and Festivals

Check out as Solan celebrates life with local fairs and festivals that have a charm of their own.

Following is the list of famous Fairs and Festivals in Solan Region

Shoolini Fair
Exhibiting Solan’s spirit of cultural exuberance, the Shoolini Fair is celebrated on the third Sunday of June every year amid much fanfare with the main events held at Thodo ground. During the three day festival, the Shoolini Devi temple is extravagantly decorated and in addition to cultural programs, wrestling bouts, the unique archery game of Thoda and other sporting events are a highlight.

Sair festival is celebrated in many parts of Himachal. Held every year in mid-September at Arki, near Solan, bullfights are a major attraction of this festival. The fighter bulls are especially reared and trained to fight during the festival days. In addition, Sair is also a shopping occasion where sale and purchase of clothes, utensils and other local produces do brisk business. Stalls serving local cuisine that are prepared specially for the fair draw large crowds on the festival days.

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