Baurani Fair


Baurani Fair is a popular fair celebrated at Baurani in Pithoragarh town located in the Kumaon region. Baurani fair is celebrated 15 days after Diwali at the open space outside Saimdevta temple in Baurani. The fair has great religious significance and used to be a hub for commercial purpose in earlier days.

How is Baurani Fair Celebrated?

Apart from the religious and commercial significance, one of the main features of the fair is its way of celebration. On the day of the fair, the entire Bora tribe of Pulai and Chapad villages come to participate in the fair playing drums, singing, and dancing. They carry with them a long flaming torch made with branches of the pine tree. The torch is buried near the temple. With the burning flame spreading light, people dance in Jhora Chachari and pray at Saimdevta temple in the midnight. After prayers and worship, the people leave for their homes. 

Another popular event in Baurani Fair was playing cards. Earlier, playing cards were so common that even players from outside Baurani would participate in the game.Playing cards were so popular in Baurani Fair that the fair was also known as “Juwa Mela”, which translates to Cards Fair. Due to administrative interference, the popularity and the extent of playing cards in Baurani Fair have decreased. However, some players still play at the fair by arranging the requirements with the administration. 

Commercially, Baurani Fair was famous for hand mills, water mills, and stone grinders. Along with these, hash made by the Boro people was extremely popular. People from Kumaon and the neighboring country of Nepal would come to the fair and buy hash in large amounts.

When is Baurani Fair Celebrated?

Baurani Fair is celebrated every year 15 days after Diwali at the Baurani Temple in Baurani. The commercial aspect of Baurani Fair seems to be waning. However, buying and selling of goods take place in small scale. The fair holds great religious significance for the villagers and is celebrated with great zeal and energy.

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