Team eUttaranchal

eUttaranchal is a collaborative effort to promote the culture, business and tourism in Uttarakhand. It is also an initiative to encourage rural entrepreneurship in Uttarakhand and bring back the people of Uttarakhand to their homeland.

eUttaranchal was seeded in March 2003 with an objective to promote Uttarakhand over the Internet. Once just a concept, eUttaranchal is now proud to have turned this objective into reality.

We are a bunch of committed individuals who love to work as a team with Uttarakhand at their heart. We are a crazy team having a firm believe that we are going to be the "agents of change" in Uttarakhand.

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I never thought that a small distance from my roots would ever inspire me to come up with something like eUttaranchal. I am amazed to see how a dream has turned into a reality.
bhupendra singh kunwar  |  founder
As he describes, Bhupendra is married to Uttarakhand. He has envisioned to bring a sea of change in Uttarakhand and is leaving no stones unturned to do it.
Being a believer, I trusted the capabilities of eUttaranchal and ever since its inception I have been dedicated to contribute towards its growth in whatever way possible. At eUttaranchal I am living a dream.
deepak bisht  |  co-founder
Deepak was among the few takers who had believed and trusted the vision of eUttaranchal and has never looked back ever since.
Even though I am not from Uttarakhand but working with eUttaranchal has brought me closer to the beauty of the Himalayas. I came to discover several picturesque destinations with eUttaranchal and my soul is now devoted to promote Uttarakhand at a global level.
bhupender saini  |  finance & operation head
"Saini", as is he often known among the team members, takes care of finance and operations. Uttarakhand is his second home.
This is where my love story with the Himalayas began. eUttaranchal has secretly etched a desire on my soul to work towards the betterment of Uttarakhand, after all home is where the heart is.
sandeep bisht  |  founder, rise on himalayas
Sandeep is really a "mountain man". He has recently started his own venture "Rise on Himalayas" which offers guided treks to the unseen paradise. He is closely associated to eUttaranchal and offers a wealth of knowledge about the great Himalayas.
It's my privilege to be working with eUttaranchal since 2012. In the journey of over 3 years, eUttaranchal enabled me to feel deep rooted into my culture and made me meet several pahari folks including my soulmate ;)
anil bisht  |  asst. manager, client servicing  |  delhi team
Anil takes care of eUttaranchal Matrimonial service and is the person behind the several satisfied matrimonial clients. He loves talking to the people, yes in pahari only!
eUttaranchal is one of the best organizations I have ever worked with; be it's working enviroment, staff or freedom. The organization brings out the best of you while making you best in the particular field.
vivek pal  |  team lead, internet marketing  |  delhi team
Vivek is a qualified Internet Marketer and plays a vital role in strategizing and executing effective online marketing campaigns. He isn't as serious as he often looks!
At eUttaranchal, I feel satisfied for having done something for Uttarakhand. eUttaranchal family makes me connected to our roots, culture and traditions of Uttarakhand which are fading away in our modern homes!
brijmohan bisht  |  asst. manager (IT & operations)  |  dehradun team
Brijmohan is heading our Dehradun operations. He plays varied roles at eUttaranchal - from Internet Marketer to Sales & Marketing, Business Development to Team Leader...and much more. Beware of his witty remarks!
I believe that few small good steps can make thousands of lives better. For me working with eUttaranchal is same like working for my own family and friends. It has bought me closer to my roots.
manoj bhandari  |  social media expert  |  delhi team
With a "school boy" persona, Manoj is the man behind the social media campaigns of eUttaranchal. His creative ideas and positive attitude reflects in his work and is being liked equally by the members over social media.
Being from the hills of Himanchal, I understand the value of the mountains, rivers & the Himalayas in our life & eUttaranchal has only helped me feel more connected with each of them.
dinesh chaudhary  |  website coordinator  |  delhi team
Dinesh is intrumental in updating the websites in time and keeping them fresh for our visitors. He is a man with few words but trust us, he is a silent killer!
I have been a part of eUttaranchal for quite some time & have loved working here. The working environment is fun filled and the staff is super supportive. People work here like a close knit family. With the passing of each day I feel closer to culture and people of Uttarakhand even though I belong to a different state.
megha jha  |  content writer  |  delhi team
Megha is a passionate travel writer and opens up her heart for travelling while developing content for our travel websites.
It is always a privilege to work for our motherland. Here, at eUttaranchal we all Young Guns are fully dedicated to promote our motherland (Uttarakhand) worldwide. It's not just an organization for me, it's a family, where I have found all colors of my culture. Apart from work we all are insane, enthusiastic and enjoying the company of each other coz we all believe "seriousness is not a virtue."
ashutosh simalti  |  seo  |  delhi team
With immense love in his heart for Uttarakhand, Ashutosh is a real gem in the team promoting eUttaranchal and its network websites. Besides that, he promotes harmony in the team.
Today I complete one month in eUttaranchal and am the youngest member of this organisation. Here, I feel more than happy. I never thought that my first job will bring optimism in my life. eUttaranchal is a place where I found my roots, explored myself and see brighter side of myself that I have never seen before. I have found a family in eUttaranchal.
hansa rawat  |  content writer  |  delhi team
Hansa has tremendously changed the working environment by bringing a "liveliness" among the team members. Being "pahari" at heart she is a great resource to express the voice of eUttaranchal.
Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life", and I chose eUttaranchal. eUttaranchal connects me with my roots and provide freedom to express what I felt about my homeland. eUttaranchal family offers deep recce of Uttarakhand culture and tradition. Here I can explore myself, translate my learning into actions. This organization appreciates the work I do and keeps me motivated to work harder and allows me to laugh and collaborate.
sheetal tamta  |  web developer  |  dehradun team
Sheetal believes that "People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing." She is very resourceful and keeps the website updated and fresh! And yes, she is one of the most lovable lady in the team :)
Since it is my first job, the day I joined eUttaranchal and till now it has been a never ending learning experience for me. I've not only developed keen interest in knowing more about Uttarakhand but I have also started loving the work I do. With content in my heart and peace in my mind I shall continue to work with utmost dedication and honesty for the organization.
pragati chauhan  |  content writer  |  dehradun team
This quiet looking girl, Pragati is one of the most "thoughtful" content writer in our team. Beware, she is very witty at times.
At eUttaranchal I have learned a lot about the professional and corporate work culture besides developing my skills on internet technologies and web development. I have also relearned the importance of working as a team with a common goal of providing seniors and colleagues with the best help available for their specific needs. The most enjoyable part of this job is my co-workers, who really care about each other.
nitish bhatt  |  website coordinator  |  dehradun team
Nitish plays a key role in assisting the team members and updating the websites in a timely fashion. He is a focussed team player.

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