Dudhiyal Devi Fair

Dudhiyal Devi Fair is celebrated every 12 years at Paunada village located in the Budha Kedar region of Tehri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand.

When is Dudhiyal Devi Fair celebrated?

Dudhiyal Devi Fair is celebrated on the day of Vasant Panchami at Dudhiyal Devi temple located at Paunada village. Before the fair, a palanquin with the idol of devi is set up and a religious procession is held where the procession covers 12 villages from Tehri to Uttarkashi throughout the months of Margashirsha, Paush, and Magh (mid Nov- mid Feb).  Between these months, each village holds a fair when the palanquin arrives at their village.

How is Dudhiyal Devi Fair celebrated?

On this fair, a palanquin is prepared and the idol of Devi is placed inside it. A religious procession from Tehri to Uttarkashi is held throughout the months of Margshirsha, Paush, and Magh (mid November- mid February). In the course of the procession, the palanquin covers 12 villages. Every village organizes a fair when the palanquin reaches their village. A vigil is held and the person who takes the form of the devi and embodies her does the puja.

The procession is completed and the palanquin is brought back to the temple on Vasant Panchami. On the day of Vasant Panchami, a big fair is held at the temple. The villagers attend the fair, worship devi, and listen to Devibhagwat. Until a few years ago, animal sacrifice was a ritual during the fair. However, it has been eliminated now and a coconut is crushed as a symbolic representation.

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