Kalika Fair, Bungkhal


Kalika Fair, popularly known as Bungkhal Mela is a famous religious fair celebrated every year at Kalika Devi Temple located in Chaurikhal village in Pauri Garhwal district of Uttarakhand. The fair is attended with great zest by the people of nearby villages of Dhaijyuli, Bali Kandarasyu, Karadsyu, Ghurdaursyu, Chaupdakot, Chauthan, and others.

When is Kalika Fair celebrated?

Kalika Fair is celebrated on the 8th and 9th day of the month of Margshirsha, which usually falls between late November and early December. The fair is celebrated at Kalika Devi Temple where devotees pray to the Goddess Kali and ask for blessings. If their wishes are fulfilled, they offer food at the temple and sacrifice an animal as an offering.

How is Kalika Fair celebrated?

Devotees have great faith in the Kalika Devi Temple and pray and ask for blessings with utmost devotion. Kalika Fair is celebrated in the honor of Goddess Kali. The fair is celebrated with religious ceremonies such as pujas and then animals are sacrificed as an offering to the goddess.Dozens of goats, sheep, buffalos, chickens, and pigs are sacrificed. Earlier people from far off villages used to visit the fair with batches of animals and celebrate by singing bhajans and dancing. They would sacrifice the animals brought with them in the honor of Goddess Kali.

Recent developments

The number of animals sacrificed in Kalika Fair was so huge that groups of people demanded it to be stopped. With effective rules, the number has been decreasing lately. Organizers specify the maximum number of sacrifices that can be offered and it is followed by the villagers.

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