Kalsin Fair

Kalsin fair is a one-day fair held every year near Shyamlatal located 5 km ahead of Sukhidhang which lies in the Tanakpur-Champawat highway.

History of Kalsin Mela

There are many stories prevalent about Lord Kalsin. It is believed that Kalsin Temple used to be situated on the banks of Sharda River which was shifted by the villagers to Nigali Village. Delighted by the devotion of the villagers, Lord Kalsin appeared in front of them in the form of a black shivling. He then transformed the products offered by the villagers into precious gems.Every year, the villagers celebrate Kalsin Fair to seek Lord Kalsin’s blessings and pray for the happiness and prosperity of their family.

How is Kalsin Fair celebrated?

The Kalsin Temple contains bows, arrows, tridents, and other common weapons of Hindu mythology. On the day of the fair, people pray by tying black coloured clothes and lightingdiyas in front of the weapons. People offer bells, flags, etc. in the temple on fulfillment of their wishes. 

It is believed that Lord Kalsin was a devotee of Maa Kali and hence, people who are affected by the spirit of ghosts are brought to the temple for their recovery. In olden days, the fair used to be celebrated for a week but now it is celebrated just for a day.

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