Learn Kumaoni – Part 2

Learning Kumaon Language - Part 2

The local dialects spoken by the people of Kumaon are terned as Kumaoni or Kumauni dialects. Various variations of Kumaoni can be seen at the different parts of Kumaon.The following form of Kumaoni is adopted from the region near Almora.Following is a translation between English and Kumaoni sentences:Pronunciation Help :*'aa' should be pronounced as 'aa' in 'bazaar'*'(n)' should be pronounced for getting the feel of n only.

English:What is your name?
Kumaoni:Tumar naam ki cha?

English:My name is Kamal.
Kumaoni:Meyar naam Kamal chhoo.

English:How are you?
Kumaoni:Tum kash cha?

English:I am fine.
Kumaoni:Mee theek chhoo(n)?

English:Where do you live?
Kumaoni:Tum kaa(n) roo(n)chaa?

English:I live in Pushp Vihar opposite to Shiv Temple.
Kumaoni:Mee pushp vihar main shiv mandire pichhari roonu.

English:In which class do you read?
Kumaoni:Tum ko classum padhchaa?

English:I read in eleventh class.
Kumaoni:Mee egiarwee class mee parnoo.

English:What is the name of your school?
Kumaoni:Tumer schoolak naam key chhoo?

English:The name of my school is GIC Narayan Nagar.
Kumaoni:Meyar school naam GIC Narayan Nagar cha.

English:How many brothers and sister do you have?
Kumaoni:Tum kaduk bhai banhi chha?

English:I have a younger brother and a elder sister.
Kumaoni:Mear ek naan bhai aur ek thul banhi chhoo.

English:What are you doing these days?
Kumaoni:Tum aabho keya karan rachha?

English:I am preparing for Civil Services Exams.
Kumaoni:Mee aaj kal civil service examak taiari karnoon.

English:What did your father do?
Kumaoni:Tumer babu keya kerani?

English:My father is serving Indian Army.
Kumaoni:Meayr babu fauj main naukari kareni.

English:How is your grandfather feeling now?
Kumaoni:Tumar bubu ab kaas chhee?

English:Where in Uttaranchal are you from?
Kumaoni:Tum Uttaranchal mein kaun rooncha?

English:I am from Champawat in Kumaon.
Kumaoni:Mee kumaon main champawatek rooni chhoo.

English:Had you ever been to Nainital?
Kumaoni:Tum kabhi Nainital gachhaa?

English:Yes, many times.
Kumaoni:Hoi, bahaut baar.

English:Where is your village?
Kumaoni:Tumar goon ka(n) chhoo?

English:My village is in Lohaghat. It is called Raushaal.
Kumaoni:Mear goon Lohaghat main choo. Jo ki Raushaal ak naamel jarhi.

English:When did you last visited your village?
Kumaoni:Tum aaper goon kadhin bati nee geyaa?

English:I visited last year in October.
Kumaoni:Mee pichhari saal october main jerau(n)chi.

English:Do you have electricity in your village?
Kumaoni:Tumer goon main bijuli chhoo?

Kumaoni:Na, humer goon main bijuli naathi.

English:How many cows and goats do you have?
Kumaoni:Tumar pass keduk gouru bakar chan?

English:We have 2 cows and 5 goats.
Kumaoni:Hamer pass dwe gouru aur panchh baakar chan.

English:How was the wheat crop last year?
Kumaoni:Pichhari saal tumer geahon kheti kasi hanchhi?

English:Not too good. The standing crop was destroyed by the rain.
Kumaoni:Eduk bhali nee hayee. Thaadi fasal barshatel khatam hain pari.

English:How was the rain in previous season?
Kumaoni:Pichhari saal main bersat kasi rainchh?

English:It was more than expected.
Kumaoni:Jaduk aasha chhee u haber jyada hainch.

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