Olgia (Ghee Sankranti)


Different antique festivals are celebrated in the state of Uttarakhand. Each festival carries the touch of traditional cultures of the state. One of the important festivals celebrated in Uttarakhand is Olgia also known as Ghee Sankranti. This is a well-known festival that is been celebrated in various regions of the state since ages.

About Ghee Sankraand

According to the Indian lunar calendar, Olgia is celebrated on the first day of Bhado (in August month). The festival marks the rich agricultural growth. When fields flourish with crops and dairy animals are in good health. People rejoice harvest prosperity and wealth. 

During the festival, you can see the yielding fields and greenery all around. Trees are loaded with fruits and a feeling of happiness blooms everywhere. This festive occasion of Ghee Sankranti is a way where people show their gratitude for a prosperous harvest.It’s an old tradition that people on this colorful festival exchange gifts. In the old days, nephews and son-in-law use to give presents to father-in-law and maternal uncles. 

These day goods are exchanged between craftsman & buyers of their goods and between the farmers and their landlords. Some basic gifts that are exchanged in Olgia festival are metal axes, firewood, metal calipers, ghee, vegetable, daatkhocha (metallic toothpick), Binai or oral harp.

 People also apply ghee on their forehead and savor ghee with urad dal stuffed chapattis.Ghee Sankranti is a simple yet very vibrant festival which spreads joy and delight. Though now the festival is celebrated occasionally but still in many uphill villages of Uttarakhand people enjoy Olgia fest will full enthusiasm.

Posted by: eUttaranchal/ Brijmohan Bisht
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