Tapkeshwar Fair


Tapkeshwar fair takes place at a very grand level in honor of the great Mahadeva. Devotees throng to the Tapkeshwar temple in large number and show their affection towards Lord Shiva. The annual Tapkeshwar fair takes place on the prosperous occasion of Shivratri around the Tapkeshwar Mahadev Temple in Dehradun.

About Tapkeshwar Mela

 It is one of the well-known temples that are devoted to Lord Shiva. People pay homage to Shivalinga that is enshrined inside the cave at the temple. The droplets of water drop continuously from the roof of the cave on the shivling and it is the reason the temple is called Tapkeshwar.

Before participating in the fair people first go to the temple, offer sweet, flowers, Bael leaves and pour water on Shivalingam. In the fair, devotees gather and rejoice the greatness of Lord Shiva. People put up stalls with local items and some street games. There are also many colorful swings which children very playfully enjoy. 

Not to forget the food stalls that offer delicious different local cuisines. Delicacies like Bhang Ke Pakode & Bhang juice (prasad of Shiva) are available in the fair.The high enthusiasm among the devotees makes the celebration more vibrant and joyful. All around you can see is the lively picture of the crowd all decked up in colorful clothes and devotional chant of Bum Bum Bhole. The whole sight of the fair is very delightful and worth witnessing.

Posted by: eUttaranchal/ Brijmohan Bisht
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