Geology & Mining Unit Uttarakhand

Department NameGeology and geomining unit, Uttarakhand
Department Contact Officer VINAY SHANKAR PANDEY (IAS)
Contact Officer DesignationAdditional Secretary, Industrial Development Dept. & Director Geology and Mining Unit, Uttarakhand
AddressGeology and Mining Unit, Uttarakhand
Address 2Bhopalpani, Raipur-Thano-Airport Motor Marg, P.O. Dhanyari

Geology and Mining unit of Uttarakhand is a separate body of Uttarakhand Government which comes under the administrative control of the Department of the Industrial Development of government of Uttarakhand.

 The Headquarter of Geology and geomining unit is situated in Dehradun. It has two regional offices one in Garhwal division and other one in Kumaon division.

Functions of Geology and Mining Unit

Objectives of Geology and Mining Unit of Uttarakhand

  1. Maintaining and collecting mineral based data and providing mineral map to entrepreneurs and for mineral exploration and subsequent eco-friendly exploitation of the mineral resources of the State.
  2. Promoting foreign and local capital investment in mineral development sector of Uttarakhand.
  3. To Persuade the competition in mineral industry through optimum use of mineral potential.
  4. To incorporate Mineral Administration including grant of mineral concessions, collection of mineral revenue, ensuring systematic and eco- friendly mining, mineral conservation and to minimize the environment damage and ecology of the area.
  5. Providing technical assistance and information for scientific development of minerals.
  6. Providing supplementary infrastructure facilities.
  7. To ensure safety and welfare of the people engaged in mining industry.
  8. To encourage the employment opportunities in remote mineral bearing areas through mining and geological activities.
  9. To ensure geo-environmental protection and assisting Nature in maintaining the ecological balance during and after mining operations.

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Forms for Major Mineral Concession:

Forms for Minor Mineral Concession:

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Contact details of Geology & Mining Unit Uttarakhand
Geology and Mining Unit, Uttarakhand
Bhopalpani, Raipur-Thano-Airport Motor Marg, P.O. Dhanyari
+ 91 - 8475009815
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Geology & Mining Unit Uttarakhand