Uttarakhand State Disaster Response Force (SDRF)

To tackle the situation of any natural and unnatural disaster and to provide all the emergency services, relief and rescue operation etc and for their effective implementation State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) was formed.

Roles of SDRF Uttarakhand

  1. Living in disaster prone areas and preparation to deal with possible potential disaster.
  2. In addition to disaster operation SDRF also running training camps and public awareness campaign in different areas.
  3. Removing debris from disaster effected area and taking out dead bodies and injured persons.
  4. Pr-treatment of injured before sending them to hospital and increase the morale of affected persons.
  5. Management of dead bodies those who dies in disaster.
  6. Co-ordination with local administration to supply relief material in disaster effected areas.
  7. Co-ordination with other organizations who are working in disaster prone area.
  8. They increase the morale of victims and help them in reconstruction works.
  9. Co-ordination with the members of voluntary service team.

Important Contact Details related to SDRF Uttarakhand

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Contact details of Uttarakhand State Disaster Response Force (SDRF)
Uttarakhand State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) Photo
Uttarakhand State Disaster Response Force (SDRF)