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Department NameUttarakhand Revenue Department
Contact Officer DesignationPrincipal Secretary
AddressUttarakhand Revenue Department & Board of Revenue

The Uttarakhand Department of Revenue & Board of Revenue is one of the most important department of Uttarakhand.

 The main responsibility of the department is to control and regulate all the administrative work judicial work and the work related to the collection of revenue lies on the Board Of Revenue.

About the Board Of Revenue of Uttarakhand and its work

The Board Of Revenue is the highest judicial body of the revenue department. The headquarter of this department is situated in Dehradun. The Chairman, Board Of Revenue works as the H.O.D. for the personnel’s of revenue department. The main task of this board are

Other responsibilities of Department of Revenue & Board of Revenue, Uttarakhand

What is Bhu Abhilekh and in Uttarakhand who handled it ?

Bhu Abhilekh is a scheme of center Govt. for the computerization of land records. This scheme was launched by the Ministry of rural development, Govt. of India, as a wholly centrally funded scheme in 1994-95. In Uttarakhand the work of computerization of land records was done by the N.I.C. at the collectorate level in all the thirteen districts. Now this work of computerization has been completed by the N.I.C.

What is NLRMP ?

After discontinuing all the earlier schemes/program of computerization and modernization of land records, the Govt. of India has started a new scheme of National Land Record Modernization Program (NLRMP). This scheme envisages the preparation of error free digitized land records to make it available for the common public.

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Uttarakhand Revenue Department & Board of Revenue
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Uttarakhand Revenue Department