Barot Weather

Barot in July

The minimun and maximum temperature in July in Barot is 24°C and 33°C respectively. The weather is generally heavy rains in July and you would feel humid throughout the day. Summer Clothes clothes are recommended for Barot in July.

Barot Weather in July

Barot experience heavy rain in the month of July because its a peak season of Monsoon. The same weather remains till the Mid of Aug in Barot.

Weather in Barot

Barot Weather: Barot have a pleasant weather throughout the year, specially in summers which is cool, winters are very cold and heavy woolen clothes are required. Average temperature during winters is around -5 degree to 10 degrees. Barot also experiences snowfall in winters.

Average winter temperature: 5°C
Average annual temperature: 13°C
Average summer temperature: 17°C

Best Time to Visit Barot

The ideal months to visit Barot in India are February through June and September through December, when the weather will be comfortable to hot and there won't be much rain. 

Barot Valley weather is fairly moderate, i.e., neither too hot in summers nor too cold in winters. The average annual temperature is close to 13°C. Barot valley can be visited at any time of the year except for monsoons because the area receives heavy rainfall due to surrounding dense forests.

Barot Temperature and Weather Details

Check out the month wise weather update for Barot


: 18°C / 6°C
: Pleasant And Clear
Soft and pleasant at the day with slightly cold weather. Carry warm clothes. It is the best month to go for holiday and to travel Barot.


: 21°C / 9°C
The sunshine beautiful weather can be seen in the month of Feb. Pleasant and soft sunny days with long cold nights.


: 26°C / 13°C
Days are perfect with the soft sun with a pleasant atmosphere. It is the best month for the visit in Barot.


: 32°C / 18°C
April is pleasant and sunny in the starting of the month in Barot but till end it turns hot and sunny. The weather during April is apt with temperature within 30 degree Celsius in day and under 18 degree Celsius in nights.


: 36°C / 22°C
Days are very hot and sunny in the month of May in Barot. The weather remains sunny but nights stay pleasant due to cool breezes.


: 37°C / 25°C
June is mostly very hot and sunny with the amalgamation of humidity in Barot. June brings the off side of summers when the climate gets hotter than April and May. The temperature ranges between 25 to 37 degrees Celsius.


: 33°C / 24°C
Barot experience heavy rain in the month of July because its a peak season of Monsoon. The same weather remains till the Mid of Aug in Barot.


: 31°C / 23°C
Same as July, weather in August in Barot is hot and rainy. The month faces heavy rainfall in Barot and one can very few tourists during this time. The water flow gets violent and generates heavy water currents in the River.


: 30°C / 20°C
Sep is pleasant in Barot. Infrequent rain could be expected. The climate remains pleasant.


: 29°C / 16°C
October is pleasant and clear in Barot. Nights could be cold. The climate gets pleasant in days and comfortably cold in nights.


: 25°C / 11°C
Carry light woolen cloths for November month because you will experience slightly cold in the day here and freezy nights.


: 20°C / 8°C
Most of the days of December in Barot are very cold with fog in the atmosphere. Try to carry heavy woolen cloths. December is cold and breezy because the temperature goes down up to 8 degree Celsius in the Night and under 20 degrees Celsius during day time.