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Devidarh - Tourist Destination

If you are a mountain lover then a beautiful hilly place  like Himachal Pradesh should be at the top of your list. In Himachal Pradesh,  nature has lavished its beauty openly and there are more than one beautiful  tourist places here, which tourists are drawn to see.

One such popular tourist  destination is Devidarh in the Mandi district here. This place in Gohar block  of Mandi district is famous for its natural beauty and enchanting environment.

Get Devidarh Travel Guide and Tips

Devidarh is also called as Mini Khajjiar due to its amazing beauty and  appearance like Khajjiar. The atmosphere of Devidarh is very much liked by the  tourists who come here. Devidarh is the last village in the Jauni Valley  situated at an altitude of about 7800 feet above sea level. Being surrounded by  tall deodar trees all around, the view here is worth seeing.

Nearby  Destinations from Devidarh

  • Prashar Lake:  This Lake is located in a mountain valley at an elevation of 2730m. The lake is  deep blue and sits in a saucer-shaped valley. It is encircled by snow-capped  peaks. Prashar Lake is a well-kept secret in Himachal Pradesh's Mandi district.  The trek follows an enthralling path through a forest and numerous rivulets.

  • Rewalsar Lake: It  is also known as Tso Pema Lotus Lake, is located 22.5 kilometers south-west of  Mandi. It is considered sacred by Buddhists, Sikhs, and Hindus. The floating  reed island and fishes of Rewalsar natural lake are well-known.

  • Barot: It is a  picturesque picnic spot located 33 kilometers from Mandi on the Mandi-Pathankot  Highway. The area is well-known for its trout fishing and ropeway, both of  which attract a large number of visitors. Barot also serves as a gateway to the  278-square-kilometer Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary.

  • Temple and Kamrunag  Lake: The popular tourist destinations are Kamrunag Lake and Temple.

  • Religious locations the surrounding areas of Mandi will be  designated as a biodiversity site. Trekking can begin in Rohanda, which are 40 kilometers  from Sundernagar and 60 kilometers from Mandi.

Activities in Devidarh

  • Two  trekking routes full of adventure: The two trekking tracks associated with Devidarh are full of  adventure. Devidarh-Janjehli-Shikari Devi 15 track and Devidarh-Kamrunag 10 km  track can be followed by a difficult route for tourists to reach Devidarh. In  winter these tracks are banned. In the summer season, trekking can be done with  the help of tourist guide. GPS mapping of these tracking has also been done.

  • Boating: Tourists can enjoy boating for just twenty rupees per ride  in the litigants that relax the soul. There is a tree house next to the lake.  The walking trail leads to swings made for children. Swings for kids are the  main attraction.

    For accommodation, the tourism department has provided  Gampling (luxury tents) and tents. Tourists can stay in the forest rest house  at Devidarh. The tourism department is going to add this tourist place in the  Nai Manzil Nai Rahein scheme.

  • Make plan  in summer: There are also popular places like Janjehli, Shikari Devi,  and Kamrunag on the way to Devidarh trek. The climate of Devidarh remains very  cold throughout the year. There is heavy snowfall here.

    This is the reason that  the best time to visit Devidarh is during the summer season. During this time  many tourists come to visit here. Walking here in winter is not free from  danger.

  • The Thrill  of the 11 Wooden Bridges: Devidarh is also called as Mini Khajjiar because of its  amazing beauty and its resemblance to Khajjiar. There is a very old bridge in  the middle of the forest, which is very attractive in appearance.

    The view of  this bridge is very beautiful. The Forest Department has beautified and  developed about 11 such bridges which attract tourists.

  • 7800 feet Mundsan Mata Temple is the center of attraction: Devidarh is the last village in the Jauni Valley situated at an altitude of about 7800 feet above sea level. There is a temple of Mundsan  Mata here. The view around the temple is also very beautiful.

    This temple  attracts tourists towards itself. Here tourists come from far and wide and come  to the mother's temple and get their heads bowed.

  • Charming  Beauty: There is a very old bridge in the middle of the forest,  which looks very attractive in appearance. The view of this bridge looks very  beautiful. The temple of Mundsan Mata is situated here. The view around the temple is also very beautiful.

    Apart from this, there are also two very  beautiful trekking routes from Devidarh. One of them is for Mata Shikari Devi  and the other is for Kamrunag temple.

    Trekking here creates a thrill. There are  also popular places like Janjehli, Shikari Devi, and Kamrunag on the way to  Devidarh trek. The climate of Devidarh remains very cold throughout the year.  This valley receives heavy snowfall.

    This is the reason that the best time to  visit Devidarh is during the summer season. During this time many tourists come  here to visit.


There is no hotel till date only guest houses are available. You can also do camping here if you are a adventure lover, there are many good camping locations around Devidarh. For proper hotels and other accommodation one has to travel back to Chailchowk or Mandi.

Some places to stay are: Jannat Villa in Devidarh, Jai Mata Home Stay

As there are almost no restaurants after Chailchowk or  getting back to Chailchowk for food, there is only one shop that offers food or  takes food items with you.

Devidarh Weather: Devidarh weather is very cool round the year. Winters are very harsh due to cold wave, heavy snow fall occur during the month of December and January. Temperature varies from -7 to 30 degree over the year. Summers is the best time to visit and explore Devidarh. Due to heavy rainfall and jungle area you can avoid monsoons season (generally July, August and mid-September)

What is Devidarh famous for?

Devidarh is famous among tourist as lush green fields, dense deodar forest, and meadows.

Devidarh is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Base Camps (Trek), Boating, Temples, Trekking.