Dharamshala Fairs and Festivals

Dharamshala has a rich cultural legacy with a diverse heritage and local traditions. Check out as Dharamshala celebrates life with local fairs and festivals that have a charm of their own.

Following is the list of famous Fairs and Festivals in Dharamshala Region

Dal Fair
With the Dal Lake filled to the brim with fresh monsoon rain water, the Dal fair in Upper Dharamshala in August is a big draw. Natives, Tibetan settlers and tourists with many foreigners among them, turn the gathering into a cosmopolitan crowd who can be seen buying, selling, eating or simply merrymaking at the fair.

Chaitra / Ashwin Navratra Mela
Spread over 9 days, Navratras are holy days in accordance to the Hindu religious calendar that are celebrated twice in a year. The Chaitra (March/April) and Ashiwin (September/October) Navratri are celebrated all over the country where pilgrims visit temples to seek the blessings of the gods and goddesses. At the temples in and around Dharamshala as well as those across Kangra valley, special prayers are organised and free meals are given to all who pay a visit. The town is decorated and wears a festive look for the occasion.

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