Dharamshala Weather

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Dharamshala in June

The minimun and maximum temperature in June in Dharamshala is 26°C and 40°C respectively. The weather is generally hot and humid in June and you would feel hot throughout the day. Summer Clothes clothes are recommended for Dharamshala in June.

Dharamshala Weather in June

It the starting phase of monsoon, where small drops of rain can be seen in the end of this month.

Weather in Dharamshala

Best time to visit Dharamshala is from March through June in the summer and from December through February in winter with there being a good chance of witnessing a snowfall. As Dharamshala is divided into two parts, with rising altitude, the summer temperature between Lower and Upper Dharamshala changes from warm to cool climes.

Dharamshala in winters: Winter starts in December and continues till the end of February. Winter season is ideal for enjoying the breath-taking beauty of snow-capped mountains and is a good place to go to for honeymooners as well. During this season, the mercury occasionally dips below freezing point. 

Dharamshala in Summer: Summer from March to June is generally warm with day temperatures settling in the range of 30°C to 34°C. Minimums remain comfortable around 20°C, making this place viable for trekking.

Dharamshala in Monsoon: Monsoon season from June to September brings heavy rainfall leading to road blockages. It is therefore advisable not to visit the place during this time. Rain generally stops from end of September and starts attracting tourists once again.

Dharamshala Seasons and Average Temperature

Summers: March, April, May, June (20°C – 35°C)
Monsoons: July, August, September (18°C – 22°C)
Winters: December, January, February (4°C – 7°C)

Best Time to Visit Dharamshala

In the month of February, Dharamsala is generally thronged by honeymooners as the temperature starts rising and reaches 10°C by the end of the month. But October and November are the best months for sightseeing and for carrying out adventure activities. 

Clothing: Lower reaches of Dharamshala experience higher temperature in summers whereas the upper region gets really cold in winters. Just like most hilly regions of Himachal, cotton clothes are preferable in summers and heavy woolens are needed for winters. The spring and autumn seasons with moderate temperatures are a good time to be in town.

Dharamshala Temperature and Weather Details

Check out the month wise weather update for Dharamshala


: 19°C / 8°C
: Pleasant And Clear
Pleasant and clear weather with a minimum temperature of 8 degree and maximum temperature of 19 degree.


: 22°C / 10°C
The month of Feb is packed up with the newly wedding couples as the temperature starts rising and reaches 10 degree by the end of the month.


: 28°C / 14°C
For summer March is the ideal month to visit in Dharamshala. Weather is comfortable.


: 34°C / 18°C
Weather is sunniest in the month of April with a average temperature of 18 degree.


: 38°C / 23°C
The hottest month in a year is May. Rising temperature will not allow you to visit in this month.


: 40°C / 26°C
It the starting phase of monsoon, where small drops of rain can be seen in the end of this month.


: 37°C / 25°C
Monsoon starts in the month of July. Heavy rainfall can be seen in this month with a minimum temperature of 37 degree.


: 35°C / 23°C
Little rain can be seen in the month of Aug with a humidity in the near by areas. Weather seems to be cold in this month.


: 34°C / 21°C
The end of monsoon season can be seen in the month of Sep and the weather starts attracting tourists once again with the beauty of nature.


: 32°C / 18°C
The best months for sightseeing and for carrying out adventure activities is from Oct to Nov.


: 27°C / 13°C
The weather is pleasant in the month of Nov. Suitable weather for performing different activities in this month.


: 21°C / 12°C
Mountains with snowcapped can be seen in the month of Dec.
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