Hampta Pass Trek

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Hampta Pass Trek

Hampta Pass is located at an altitude of 4270 mtrs above the sea level on the Pir Panjal range in Himachal Pradesh. Hampta Pass trek is one of the best and convenient treks in Himachal Pradesh. It is a small passage between Kullu valley and Lahaul Chandra valley in Himachal Pradesh

Hampta Pass trek is a moderate level trek in Himachal Pradesh. The distance of 35 km covered in Hampta Pass trek. This beautiful trek in Himachal Pradesh get its name from the Hampta village which comes on the trail to the pass.

About Hampta Pass

Hampta is known for its high altitude grasslands which you will cross on you trekking journey up to the highest point. Sometimes these patches of free and open land are used for the camping by the trekkers.

Local peoples said that a unique kind of grass grown in this area which is known as “Neeru”, they said this grass is a great source of nutrition for the herds and therefore a good feed.

Why is Hampta Pass famous for?

Hampta Pass trek offers you the view of snow-capped Himalayan peaks, the beautiful Chandratal lake, along the rivulets of River Ravi through lush meadows and forests. While crossing the pass you see the Lahaul Valley deserts all surrounded by mountains.

Hampta pass trek goes through small forests. You will witness different colors of blooming flowers as you ascend on the steep, vertical, and rocky inclines.

Every campsites at Hampta Pass trekking offers you some scenic views. Enjoy the beautiful sunset beyond the Hanuman Tibba visible from Bhalu Ka Ghera campsite.

There are many tour operators that provide camping services for Hampta Pass treks. We suggest you buy a Hampta Pass trekking tour package from any tour operator they will easily arrange camps for you. Otherwise, You will have to carry all the camping gear or your own tents if you are doing this Hampta Pass trek by yourself without any help from tour operators. 

There are no shops or any other options for renting the tent in between the trek. However, you can take camps or tents for rent from Manali. Or you can hire porters to carry your tent from Manali. While at Manali, there are enough options available to stay from luxurious cottages to dorm hostels.

There are few cafes at Jobra which is the starting point of Hampta Pass trek, one shop at Chika, and one at Chattru. But leaving this, there are no choices of food. We suggest you to hire a cook and rent all the necessary items itself from Manali, or you can book the whole package from any tour operator, and you’ll have nothing to worry about after purchasing a Hampta Pass trekking tour package. Make sure to carry enough munchies, snack/energy bars, and dry fruits to keep your energy levels high during the entire trek.

According to some legends, it is said that this place Hampta Pass got its name after the name of Rishi “Hampta Maharishi”. He meditated in Hampta Pass then the place got its name after the name of that maharishi.

According to the Hindu mythology the epic Mahabharata, this trek route was traveled by the Pandavas on their quest for heaven. In fact, the route from Hampta Pass to Chandratal is often touted as the ‘staircase to heaven.

Best time to visit Hampta Pass trek

Hampta Pass trek is a moderate level trek, it is a high altitude trek in Himachal. The best time to do the Hampta Pass trek is between June to October. Higher regions of this trek may have some snow in the early days of the season but it melts down completely by August.

Avoid traveling Hampta Pass trek during monsoon. Monsoon is not a good time to visit Hampta Pass Trek. The trekking route is slippery and proves risky for the trekkers. Late July and early August should also be avoided because of landslides in this region.

Short Itinerary for Hampta Pass Trek

Day 1:- Manali to Jobra to Chika

Start driving or traveling from Manali to Jobra. After 1 hr of drive, you will reach Jobra from Manali.

Now start your trek to Chika from Jobra, it is an easy trek with a distance of 2 km. You will reach Chika in approx 2 hours then check in to the camps at Chika and take some rest.

Dinner and overnight stay at Camps in Chika.

Day 2:- Chika to Balu ka Ghera

After breakfast, start your trek to Balu Ka Ghera from  Chika. You have to trek 5.8 km to reach Balu Ka Ghera. Chika to Balu Ka Ghera  trek is an easy to moderate level trek. 

After reaching Balu Ka Ghera, Check-in to the camps and take some rest. Dinner and overnight stay at camps in Balu Ka Ghera.

Day 3:- Balu Ka Ghera to Hampta Pass to Siagoru

After breakfast, be ready for the Hampta Pass trek which is the most beautiful and popular trekking trail in Himachal Pradesh. After reaching Hampta Pass, enjoy the surroundings and the scenic views, Take some rest in this beautiful place then get ready for the next trek to Sia Goru.

After reaching Siagoru, take some rest on your camps and have a delicious lunch. You can have fun in this beautiful place in the evening.

Dinner and overnight stay at the camps in Sia Goru.

Day 4:- Siagoru to Chatru

After breakfast, start your trek to Chatru from Sia goru. The trek distance from Siagoru to Chatru is 6 km you will reach within 4 to 5 hours.

After reaching Chatru, have your delicious lunch at Chatru. Enjoy the beauty of the surroundings and make some unforgettable memories. Start your drive to Chadratal from Chatru.

After reaching Chandratal, check-in to the camps in Chandratal. Dinner and overnight stay at the camps in Chandratal.

Day 5:- Chandratal to Manali

After breakfast, travel to Manali from Chandratal. Once you reached Manali our services will be finished.

What is Hampta Pass Trek famous for?

Hampta Pass Trek is famous among tourist as Trekking, High Altitude Trek, Camping.

Hampta Pass Trek is recommended destination for Corporates, Couples, Foreigners, Groups, Solo.

Hampta Pass Trek is popular destination for following activities/ interests - Trekking.

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