Kasauli - Hill Town

Kasauli is a small hill town in the Himachal Pradesh state of northern India. It is home to gabled colonial-era houses, orchards, and the mid-nineteenth-century green-roofed Christ Church. Monkey Point, on the outskirts of town, offers views of horse chestnut and Himalayan oak forests.

A small temple is also located on the hill. The Gilbert Nature Trail, which is nearby, winds through lush green countryside teeming with birdlife.

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Activities in Kasauli

Despite the fact that there is never a shortage of fun things to do in Kasauli, Himachal Pradesh. We've put together a list of the top three that will make your heart skip a beat and your holiday unforgettable. Kasauli exudes romance, as evidenced by visits to the Gilbert Trail, the Toy Train Ride, the Timber Trail, and other district attractions.

  • Sightseeing on the Timber Trail: The timber trail in Kasauli is nestled in the amazing serene beauty of nature and is generally popular among tourists who are on backpacking tours with their families and students.
    The point in Kasauli is the most popular tourist photography location.

    The verdant trail is abundantly blessed with coniferous and pine trees perched on mountains against the stunning backdrop of the Shivaliks Hills.

    Take the cable car to the top and then walk around the trail, soaking in the natural beauty.

  • The Ride on the Toy Train: The journey captures the true aura of the region and places near Kasauli such as Shimla in brief glimpses. The ride captivates every tourist who travels in groups or on a backpacking tour.

    It is a cherished Kasauli heritage that is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The nearest railway station is Dharampur, from which a train to the mystical hill station of Kasauli can be taken.

    Take a taxi to Dharampur, which is about 12 kilometers from Kasauli, and then take the train to Barog and back.

  • Mall Road Shopping: Kasauli, like Shimla, has its very own mall road. This is Kasauli main market area, which is accentuated by these amazing buildings that represent British architecture. Mall road comes in handy after a long day of sightseeing and trekking on the Gilbert trail.

    You can try various local foods, go souvenir shopping, and visit one of India's oldest Christ Churches. It also has a few bookstores with a diverse selection of titles for casual readers.

    It also has a few bookstores with a diverse selection of titles for casual readers.

Amenities available in Kasauli are affordable. There are couple of lodges, stay houses and hotels available in the Kasauli. Hotels and Resorts are also available with the affordable budget in the Kasauli.

One can find a restaurant, hotels in the Kasauli easily. As being a tourist destination it is one of the visited places by the tourist during winters.

In terms of the name Kasauli, it is believed that in the 17th century, some Rajput families from Rewari fled their homes due to political tortures and sought refuge in a small village called Kasul, which later flourished as Kasauli.

Apart from that, it is thought that the name derives from Kausalya, a running stream that flows between Kasauli and Jabli after being flushed from the mountains. Another legend holds that the town was named Kasauli because it was blessed with the sweet fragrance of Kusmali flowers.

This small hill town is also associated with a mythological legend. According to legend, during the Ramayana war, Lakshmana was injured, and Hanuman was tasked with retrieving Sanjeevani from the Himalayas.

On his way to Sanjeevani Hill, he passed through Kasauli, and to commemorate the Lord's presence there, there is a Hanuman Temple in Kasauli known as the Monkey Poin.