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Kaza - River Valley

Kaza is the district headquarters of Himachal Pradesh's Lahaul and Spiti Valley district. The district, also known as "Little Tibet," is a veritable heaven on Earth. Despite the fact that it is a vast cold desert, it is a breathtaking place to visit and explore at least once in a lifetime.

It is located approximately 12,500 feet above sea level and is surrounded by massive mountains.

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Activities in Kaza

Photography, Kaza:

Kaza and its surroundings provide numerous photographic opportunities. There is no shortage of subjects for photographers in the sparkling clear water of the lakes, the picturesque hamlets and towns, the winding mountainous roads, the towering mountains with their snow capped peaks, the rugged and barren landscapes, the flora and fauna. So grab your cameras and go in search of those stunning images!

Trekking, Kaza:

Trekking opportunities abound in Kaza and its surrounding areas. Kaza, Spiti's largest settlement, has the last ATM and petrol pump that tourists can use before ascending further. Kaza is on the Day 1 itinerary for Pin Paravati and Kanamo trekkers. Those trekking during the months of July and August can attend the Ladarcha Fair, which is held in Kaza and is a lot of fun. Trekking areas include the Key Monastery, Chandratal Lake, Kibber, Dhankar, and others. Trekkers are spoiled for choice, and the beauty of each of these locations blinds them. It is also the most convenient way to explore Spiti.

Camping, Kaza:

Camping in the open under clear blue skies amidst Kaza's rugged landscape is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Summer, from late May to October, is the best time to go camping. Aside from Kaza, there are some organized camping areas such as Kunzum La Pass and Chandratal Lake.

Camping in these unpolluted and almost uninhabited areas provides peace and an opportunity to rediscover oneself. Trekking, bird watching, biking, and other adventure activities are combined with camping.

Shopping, Kaza:

In a small town like Kaza, one cannot expect to find shopping arcades or malls. This is not to say that you will leave the picturesque little town empty-handed. Because of the harsh winters, it is quite popular for the woolen shawls and garments that can be found here.

There are also some lovely woven carpets to be found here. Ceramic utensils, local jewelry, and stone gems are also very popular and can be purchased before returning. Shopping is best done at government-run handloom centers and cooperative shops.

Kaza's market area is also very popular. It is littered with Tibetan and Buddhist handicrafts, which you can take home as a souvenir of your memorable trip.

Monasteries, Kaza:

Spiti is a Buddhist religious and cultural Centre with a large number of monasteries. The tranquility and peace that prevails here are contagious. The lamas' chanting creates soothing music for frayed nerves and souls.

You could spend time visiting these monasteries, studying their architecture and the murals and paintings that adorn the buildings, or simply meditating and appreciating the peace that prevails here far from the madding crowd.

Local Food, Kaza:

Kaza, a small town tucked away in the Himalayan foothills, does not have many food options. The Indian and Tibetan cuisine available here is sufficient to warm the souls. Although the restaurants and cafes do not provide fine dining, the steaming hot food is flavorful.

For example, the Chandra Dhaba is a small brick room warmed by the heat from the stove. A bowl of hot noodles stuffed with vegetables is considered a delicacy in this country. Momos and Thukpas are plentiful here. Popular restaurants include The Himalayan Cafe, Taste of Spiti, and Sol Cafe.

In Kaza, it is not difficult to find mid-range and low-cost accommodations. Some are near the river. Other options include Himchal Pradesh government-run PWD guest houses, but reservations are required.

Some of the best hotel to stay in Kaza:

  • Kunphen Sakya Abode, Kaza
  • Deyzor Hotel, Kaza
  • Spiti Valley, Kaza

Kaza is a small town in the heart of Himachal Pradesh, so food options are limited. However, Indian and Tibetan cuisine predominate in and around town.

Kaza's most famous dishes are fresh peas and potatoes with gravy. Thukpa is another popular dish that consists of noodle soup with steamed vegetables and a hot sauce on top. Momos of various varieties are also available at almost every eating establishment.

Another local delicacy is Tibetan bread or roti, which is made from barley or other millet flours and eaten with butter, omelette, or jam.

Some of the best cafe and restaurants available in Kaza:

  • Sachin Kunga Restaurant, Kaza
  • Himalayan Cafe, Kaza
  • Park View Restaurant, Kaza
  • Sol Cafe, Kaza
  • Hotel Deyzor Restaurant, Kaza

The town is divided into two sections: old (Kaza Khas) and new (Kaza Soma). The administrative buildings are located in the new town. Tangyud (Tang-rGyud) Gompa is a fortified castle built in the early 14th century with massive slanted mud walls and battlements with vertical red ochre and white vertical stripes.

It is located 4 kilometres from Kaza on the rim of a deep canyon, overlooking the town.

What is Kaza famous for?

Kaza is famous among tourist as Festivals, Monasteries, Road Trip.