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Mandi - Tourist Place

Mandi City and historical town located at an altitude of 760 mts on the banks of River Beas. In past Mandi is known as “Mandav Nagar” and is the capital of princely state of Mandi, Himachal Pradesh. There are so many small and big temples here because of which it is also known as “Kashi of Hills” or “Choti Kashi”.

Get Mandi Travel Guide and Tips

It is a very popular for its temple architecture, old palaces and rich traditions, Mandi is so often considered as the cultural capital of the Himachal state.

Besides the river ghats and among the town’s streets are over 80 stone built temples that are decorated with religious motifs and well chiseled idols of gods and goddesses. Lord Shiva as the main deity of Bhootnath, Trilokinath, Panchvaktra and other important temples has ordained Mandi as the ‘Varanasi of the Hills’ as ‘Choti Kashi’.

  • Adventure Travel: If you are looking for some adventurous getaway near Mandi, then you can visit Janjehli for trekking and hiking activities.

  • Schools and Colleges in Mandi: There are many colleges and schools both in govt and private sector. There is IIT Mandi as well, which is a national level Technology institute, for health services there are some private hospital along with govt. zonal hospitals.

  • Mandi Weather: The city of Mandi experiences pleasant summers and cold winters also experience heavy rains during monsoons.

Activities in Mandi

One can enjoy a lots of various activities during their trip to Mandi:

  • Mandi has some of the best trekking routes, so thrill  seekers can go on various trekking trips. There are also hiking and biking  trails and experiences for adventure seekers.

  • Mandi and its surroundings offer a variety of  adventure sport experiences.

  • There are several beautiful lakes to visit. A  religious tourist can visit the various temples and monasteries in and around  Mandi for a peaceful religious experience.

  • Anyone interested in fishing can go fishing in the  Beas and other smaller rivers near Mandi.

Mandi is a tourist hub during the  season. You can easily find an accommodation for living in Mandi.

Some of the best resorts, homestay  and hotels in Mandi:

  • Wild Highs Resort, Mandi
  • Suket Homestay, Mandi
  • Bir Campus, Mandi
  • Shiva Valley Riverside Homestay, Mandi 

There are numerous of restaurants and cafe nearby Mandi. You can chose any of the one according to your taste, preference and budget in Mandi.

Some of the popular restaurant, cafe which you can refer for food in Mandi:

  • Barista Hotel and Restaurant
  • Ekant Restaurant
  • Last Monk Cafe
  • Chawala Dilivala
  • The Treat Restaurant
  • In ancient times Mandi was not only a business centre on the old silk route to Tibet but also a centre for cultural exchange. Mandi, the abode of Baba Bhoot Nath, was known as Mandavya Nagari as Mandav Rishi mediated on a rock, known as Kolsara, in the Beas river.

  • The town was founded in 1526 AD and at the creation of Himachal Pradesh on 15 April, 1948 it made the district headquarter by merger of the princely states of Mandi and Suket.

It is a major commercial hub for entire district and is well connected with major cities of Himachal Pradesh and other states of India, connected to two national highways namely Mandi-Pathankot and Chandigarh-Manali, also act as a gateway to Kullu, Manali, Lahul & Spiti and Leh.

What is Mandi famous for?

Mandi is famous among tourist as Parashar Lake, Rohtang Pass, River Beas.