Noradhar - Small Town

Noradhar, a small hamlet in Himachal Pradesh's Sirmour district, is about 115 kilometers from Shimla.

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  • Noradhar is not a tourist  destination, but it is a traveler's paradise. The hamlet itself is steeped in  old-world charm, removed from the mundane machinations of time. It's a small  village with one bazaar that exists primarily to serve the needs of the  villagers.

  • Noradhar is brimming with beautiful camping spots where you can  spend your days and nights while stocking up on food and other necessities at  the village bazaar.

Activities in Noradhar

Activities to do in Noradhar:

Streams: In noradhar you can enjoy most of the time with  chasing streams uphill’s. You can find a small waterfalls and pools nearby in Noradhar.

Camping: You can enjoy camping here as this is the aside location for  camping. Make sure you are having all the necessary items while visiting here.

Videography: You can shoot the videos of the beautiful nature  through your camera or mobile phone which will be remembering memory for you,  once your visit ended.

In addition to the PWD rest house,  Noradhar has a few hotels. 

  • The Chureshwar Resort hotel, located on the main Bus Stand, has a capacity of 50 people.
  • Anand Regency is another option.
  • Trekkers  Guest House now has three sets available.
  • Chooreshwar seva samiti also offers lodging  at its Dharamshala in Noradhar.

There are a few dhabas nearby where  you can get food. The food is simple but delicious, and after walking for hours in the cool and sometimes chilly environment, a simple meal of hot Rajma Chawal  with buttered roti’s will rival any gourmet cuisine elsewhere.

Some of the few Restaurant and Dhabas  in Noradhar:

  • Sharma Vaisno Dhaba
  • Mehak Restaurant
  • Soni Da Dhaba
  • Coffee Lodge Cafe
  • Red Capsicum Dhaba

What is Noradhar famous for?

Noradhar is famous among tourist as Pool Noradhar, Churdhar.

Noradhar is popular destination for following activities/ interests - OffBeat, Village Tourism.