Places near Rekong Peo

If you are travelling to Rekong Peo, we recommend you visiting the following nearby places around Rekong Peo. Include these nearby places in your itinerary and make your visit to Rekong Peo more memorable.

  • Chango: Chango is located at a distance of 123 km from Reckong Peo. It is Quietly nestled away in between sprawling hills the village is one of the last in Kinnaur district. It is very well-known for its excellent quality apples which are grown in its temperature as well as low temperature.

  • Leo: Leo is a small but amazing village in the Kinnaur district where waving Tibetan flags, chilly winds and lots of good vibes welcome you here. It lies at a distance of 105 km from Reckong Peo. There is an ancient temple dedicated to the local deity Tangtashu in this small village named Leo.

  • Pooh: Pooh is located at a distance of 68 km away from Reckong Peo. This place is famous for its Buddhist temple which has been dedicated to Shakyamuni / Lord Buddha.

  • Nako: The main attractions of Nako are the Nako Lake and the monastery present there. It is located at a distance of 101 km away from Reckong Peo. Nako Lake near Reckong Peo is so beautiful that it can charm anyone at first sight.

  • Baspa River: Baspa River begins from the Baspa Hills and later merges with River Sutlej, it is a home to the locals of Tibetan culture. The river happens to be a favourite spot for anglers' since fishes of great variety is found here. It is situated at a distance of 64 km away from Reckong Peo.